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Shaun Alexander practicing today, could play Sunday

Mike Holmgren said in his weekly news conference that running back Shaun Alexander will practice today, and depending on how he does he could play Sunday at Philadelphia. Specifics on how exactly he will be used were more vague, Holmgren not really willing to address the topic. I will have exact quotes later, but Holmgren basically said he is going to throw guys out there and he expects them to execute the play if they are on the field.

At the same time, Mo Morris will not practice until Friday because he suffered a sprained ankle toward the end of the win in St. Louis. Holmgren said he does expect Morris to play, and he said he spoke with Shaun to let Shaun know that Morris is going to continue to be a part of the offense.

Mostly, Holmgren said let's wait and see how Shaun does in practice this week before determining exactly how healthy he is and how he can be used. After he sees him in practice, he will have a better idea.