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Teleconference with Andy Reid

On the Eagles QB situation: "I'll tell you what I told our media. It's very similar to last week. Donovan will not practice today, but he'll continue to rehab and do football-related workouts. We will just take it day-by-day and see how he does as the week goes on."

On McNabb when he is healthy: "There is no question on that. I've tried to make that clear, obviously here, but he's a starting quarterback and right now it's hurting to move laterally, we're trying to keep the swelling and soreness out right now. When he's back, whether it's tomorrow or the next day or the next week, he's the guy."

On his relationship with Holmgren: "I wouldn't be here talking to you if it wasn't for him, it's pretty simple that way. He gave me an opportunity as a young college coach to come coach in the NFL. Then he gave me a lot of responsibility as time went on, and taught me, kind of groomed me for what I'm doing now. A lot of people wouldn't do that, or don't do that. When I wanted to be a line coach, he wanted me to be a head coach, that's probably the best way I could put it."

On if Jim Johnson blitzes too much: "It's kind of like Starbucks coffee. It just gets better and better -- although I don't drink coffee. He's a heck of a mind and I don't worry about him blitzing at all. That's one reason that I hired him nine years ago and he hasn't let me down an inch."