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Thursday's practice

Both Shaun Alexander and Mo Morris practiced, both looking fairly good. I would say at this point I don't see a reason both won't play (excuse the double negative).

Craig Terrill also practiced, though Rocky Bernard, Lofa Tatupu, Mike Green and Will Herring all did not practice. Lofa is wearing one of those stim machines on his sore ribs.

Darryl Tapp practiced with no red jersey and was pretty happy about it. I spoke with both him and Julian Peterson after practice and both said they have been getting additional attention from pass blocking schemes, which is the reason that Kerney has gotten so many sacks in recent weeks. Both said they hope Kerney gets additional attention this week from the Eagles, freeing them up to get some glory.

Peterson had a pair of nice interceptions during practice, one where he flashed in front of the receiver to take away the pass from Seneca. It's interesting to watch Jim Mora when that type of stuff happens because he obviously takes a great deal of pride in his unit (so to speak). He seems to engender a camaraderie among the defensive backs that is not necessarily there among other units on the team.

There was not all the flip-flopping of offensive lineman today that there was yesterday. Walter practiced the entire time.