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Weekly Mike Holmgren anecdote

Mike Holmgren was asked on Wednesday about his thoughts on the field condition in Pittsburgh on Monday night, which is relevant because the Eagles apparently are resodding their field as well. Here was Holmgren's response:

"There's nothing you can do about it. Sometimes they do a good job of that. Sometimes, it's not so good. Again, one quick story. When we played in Green Bay, we played Carolina for the NFC Championship Game in 1996. We had played, I want to say maybe San Francisco. I don't remember exactly. We played somebody the week before and Lambeau Field, there was no grass left, and it was just wiped out. Now you have the championship game and they came in and did that field in five days and it was eerie because in the night, it would be 3 in the morning, there were just trucks, it was just like something was going. It was like 'Close Encounters of the Something' and you had this thing going on in the stadium and the lights were on and it was a great field. At the time, I remember Bill Polian was the president in Carolina, and he was stunned that it was so good because that day it was really cold, it was below zero. So we had a good surface. The other night, it rained so hard that it was probably a little bit like our San Francisco game a year ago, but we have the FieldTurf. If we had grass, regular grass, that night, it might have looked like the same thing. I don't know. It was just so much water that they couldn't get rid of it."