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Eagles coach Andy Reid quotes

On injuries sustained during the game:

"[DT] (Brodrick) Bunkley could not play. We tried him out yesterday, and he tweaked his knee in the walk-through. He couldn't go today. Then obviously [QB] Donovan (McNabb) and Q [S] (Quintin Mikell). [CB] Lito Sheppard irritated his knee. It looks like it's structurally sound, but we'll have to see how that goes."

On the loss:

"It was a disappointing game. There were way too many turnovers, and we didn't capitalize on the ones we were able to get. You can't win games like that in the National Football League. You have to take care of business. You can't turn the ball over, and you have to score when you have opportunities."

On how a team rebounds from a loss like this one:

"Obviously it's a tough loss, but you get yourself back ready to go for this next week. We have to be resilient a little bit, get rid of it, learn from it, and move on."

On Seattle's goal-line stand just before the end of the first half:

"You want to score, but obviously they did a nice job on the goal-line stand. We've been on the other end of that and had a few (defensive goal-line stops). They did a nice job, but that doesn't help the cause. Still, we were moving the football, and that was the positive that we took into halftime."

On his decision to go for a touchdown instead of attempting a field goal in the closing seconds of the first half:

"We were right there with a chance to score, and I thought we could get it in."

On the high of Brian Westbrook's punt return, followed by the low of the final interception:

"I thought (Westbrook) did a great job. In this league, you can't have turnovers."

On the three interceptions by Seattle linebacker Lofa Tatupu:

"Those are throws that (A.J. Feeley) would like to have back. It's too bad that three happened to be to the same guy. You have to know where (Tatupu's) at."

On whether he flashed back to Brian Westbrook's game-winning 84-yd punt return for a touchdown against the New York Giants in 2003 during his long return at the end of the game:

"No, I wanted to get him in (the end zone)."

On his decision to go for a 4th-and-6 from the Seattle 44-yd line with 2:01 remaining in the fourth quarter instead of punting:

"I figured (Seattle) would run the football. We had three timeouts, and I figured we'd have a little time there at the end to go. That's why I did it."

On whether the Eagle turnovers were attributed to Seattle defensive adjustments or poor offensive execution:

"They were very simple in their coverage, we just didn't take care of business with the football."

On whether he wanted [QB] A.J. Feeley to stay aggressive in the passing game following the interception on the first play from scrimmage:

"I wanted to make sure he threw it to our team. I didn't want him to throw it to the other team."

On whether he expects Donovan McNabb to play next week:

"I think there's a pretty good chance."

On how a team keeps its morale up following turnovers:

"You have to keep battling. That's the kind of guys we have around here."