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Mike Holmgren quotes

On his thoughts on the game:

"Well I told the team if nothing else we are interesting. These games going down to the wire, obviously they don't care about me or my health. What a great win. This is always a difficult trip for any team coming in here. We respect this organization, their staff and their players so much it is a great win for us. We knew we had to win some of these games on the road that we have coming up. This was one of them. Close ball game, I think the Eagles did a nice job, clearly winning the field position battle all day. [LB] Lofa Tatupu had one of the great games I have ever seen a linebacker play with 12 tackles and three interceptions. We needed all those. We had a good goal line stand at the end of the first half. Clearly there are some things we have to shore up if we want to reach our goals. I am very happy about the win, a great win for this team."

On whether [LB Lofa Tatupu's] three interceptions where being in the right spot or more player instincts:

"I think he has good instincts and I think our coaches do a nice job of sending him in the right direction. He is a good football player and he does have great instincts. He has great ball skills. He can catch the ball. He was a former quarterback in his younger days. He is very athletic and a tough guy. He can make those plays that a lot of guys can not."

On the difficulty of the weather conditions and the field conditions:

"I thought the field was in great shape. Someone needs to get a pat on the back for that. We all watched the game in Pittsburgh when they had a lot more rain. This field allowed the players to play. There might have been a little bit of slipping and sliding but not much. I asked [QB] Matt [Hasselbeck] in the middle of the fourth quarter if the ball was heavy and difficult to throw and he said not particularly. It was cold and kind of nasty but both teams could play a football game and do some things."

On whether he thought about punting away from [RB – Brian] Westbrook late in the game:

"You know I did not and I should have. I remember when we played the Bears with [Devin] Hester and I told [P] Ryan [Plackemeier] under no circumstances was the ball to remain in play. That was my fault, I should have told him to kick the ball out of bounds."

On whether he knew RB – Brian Westbrook was back ready to field the punt:

"I did not think about it as much. It was not in the back of my mind like when we played the Bears and [Devin] Hester was back there. I should be a little more aware of him in that situation. He is a great football player."

On your defensive adjustments in the 2nd half:

"I think we got a little more pressure on the quarterback and I think [Defensive Coordinator] John [Marshall] did a nice job of changing up the defenses to keep their quarterback off balance in the second half. We had a couple blown coverages in the first half that gave them big chunks of yardage and I think in the second half we played a pretty solid game. We made a couple of good plays on balls thrown down the field. One thing about this team on offense and defense, not so much on offense today, but we have shown the ability to go into halftime, make adjustments, and the guys listen to what we are telling them and I would say the defense did that today."

On [RB] Shaun [Alexander's] performance today:

"I thought [RB] Shaun [Alexander] did okay coming back. When this team bunches up the box they make it tough to run the ball. For his first game back and not playing over the last few weeks, I thought he did pretty good."

On his reaction to the non pass interference call in the second half:

"Well I am emotional and I apologize for anyone reading my lips. I really thought, of course it was on my guy and I am looking at it a certain way, but I thought there was contact. I don't know. I am calm now though."

On the offense responding to both the Eagles scoring drives as well as to the big defensive plays:

"I think it was important after [LB] Lofa's [Tatupu] interception and the punt returns when we did have good field position we were able to score. That was very, very important. Of course on the short yardage play, [RB – Maurice Morris] Mo made a nice play and a nice cutback. In a close game, you need to make plays like that. Our offense sputtered around a little bit today, but give credit to the Eagles. [Defensive Coordinator] Jim [Johnson] is one of the fine defensive coordinators in all of football and their defense can get after you sometimes."

On the play of the special teams today:

"The guys are trying hard but we have to execute better. [P] Ryan Plackemeier is a good punter and I think if he were sitting here right now and you asked him he would say I did not have a great day today. They are honest and I think he'd say that. We missed a field goal and they had a big punt return. Our return game, every once in awhile, gave us chances for a short field. We have to continue to improve in a lot of areas and we will keep working at it."

On what he said to [LB] Lofa [Tatupu] when he came off the field after the third interception:

"I said I think you are our leading receiver today. He asked if he could take another week off, because he did not practice this week because of an injury. I said No, I love you and thank you for the win but you are your practicing next week."

On [CB] Josh Wilson's injury:

"[CB] Josh [Wilson] I think has a pulled quadriceps. He hurt it running down the field, I don't think there was contact."

On switching offensive lineman with [LG] Rob Sims and [LT/LG] Floyd Womack during the game:

"I told both [LG] Rob Sims and [LT/LG – Floyd] Womack that we were going to do that. I was going to play them both. I felt Womack deserved to play a little bit, he is a good lineman that has not played at all. Rob was struggling just a little bit with some things and its okay for a young player, as long as he approaches it the right way, to sit back and watch a more veteran player play his position a little bit and we would re-insert him into the game. I said I was going to do that. Unless anyone completely fell apart that is what we were going to do. You'll see some more of that."

On the goal line stand at the end of the first half:

"Oh it was huge. It really was huge. As it turned out it may have been the game. I was thinking about taking my timeouts to maybe get the ball back but I didn't. Our defense did a similar thing last week when the Rams were down in there close. We are not the biggest defense in the world but we have a knack for hitting gaps. It was a huge, huge play in the game."