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Mike Holmgren on last year's losing streak at this time of year

This was Mike Holmgren after practice discussing the three-game losing streak that the Seahawks incurred at this exact same time:

"I know that we had San Francisco and Arizona. Those were the two games. San Diego was the third game and I thought we played a great football game and I thought we had a chance to win that and they threw a home run over the head. The other two games were bothersome. I didn't think we played very smart. I thought we made a lot of mistakes and I think the week before we started that little deal we had reached a point where we had a fairly comfortable situation and here come a couple teams that are building and getting better. We just didn't play very well. I don't think, emotionally, we handled that very well as a team. We had all the crazy weather and the lights went out in Seattle. It was a nightmare but I think we bounced back and finished strong. Now, I reminded them of that during the beginning of the week. I would be very surprised if we didn't approach things a little bit better this year."