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More press conference highlights

KJR's Ian Furness asked Holmgren what his policy is on his coaches being contacted by colleges about head coaching jobs. Holmgren said that one of his coaches have already been contacted about a job, though he was not specific about which one. It leads to some interesting speculation though: Did UW contact Jim Mora to gauge his interest? Did WSU contact Mora? Did UCLA contact Mora? Holmgren did say something about guys' ties, so it would make sense that UW may have talked to Mora. Anyway, it's interesting that he would throw that out there rather than just answer Ian's question generically, particularly since Holmgren now has an allegiance to Mora and Mora and Willingham obviously are not fond of one another.

Holmgren said they blitzed only 17 percent of the time against Philadelphia, which is low. That was John Marshall's call to drop LBs into coverage, and they kept doing it because Feeley was having trouble reading the coverages.

Holmgren was very complimentary of Lofa Tatupu, who he said is so good in part because he studies film more than anybody else. He puts himself in position for interceptions because he knows where the receivers are supposed to go before they get there simply by knowing formations. Ken Whisenhunt said the same thing. He could tell by watching Lofa on film that Lofa knew where pass plays were going before they developed.

Whisenhunt, by the way, said both Boldin and Fitzgerald are questionable for Sunday's game. They will know more by Friday depending on how they practice this week.