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Kurt Warner quotes


(On this game being disapointing…) "Yeah obviously. Especially when you make mistakes that cost your team the game. I am very frustrated very disappointed. You know like to let my team down. Made some crucial mistakes that really hurt our team in a big game. Extrememly disappointed about it. But I will take this one on my shoulders and get back to work on Monday and get ready to go for the last three."

(On the health of his knee…) "You know it actually feels O.K. right now. You know I felt it pop a little bit when it happened in the game but they (trainers) went over it structurally and they said everything was good. It actually feels O.K. so I think it's fine. I was a little concerned there for a minute when I felt it pop or shift or something but right now I feel alright."

(On the interception after the onside kick was his arm hit on the throw…) "No just a bad decision on my part. No, just didn't make a good throw."

(On whether or not they have to win the last three to have a chance at the playoffs…) "I suppose. I look at it every week that we have to win. But yeah I mean if you look at the big picture there is no question. We have to win these last three, we have to win every one that is put in the front of us. That is definitely got be our mind-set from this day moving forward."

(On whether or not down big he is making plays or forcing the action…) "Yeah no question about it. Some ill advised throws on my part. Like you said just trying to make a play. Trying to get us back in the game. It is good when it works and obviously not so good when it doesn't. And obviously there were a few today that didn't work."

(On the interception on the opening drive…) "You know we actually had a guy open that was down the middle of the field and I just overthrew him. Just missed him basically. Had a chance, great opening drive, everyone came out. It was a big turning point, one of the many in the game, but that was huge. I had a guy open and I just missed him."

(On if this game was a playoff test…) "I don't know. Me personally no I was just thinking it was a big game and wanting to win. You know it's not playoffs yet so I am not really thinking it being playoff-esque I am thinking about trying to escalate this team to the playoffs so we can experience that. This is as a big a game as we have had around here for awhile, that we have had around here since I have been here. Just disappointed that I cost my team the win today."