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Ken Whisenhunt quotes


(On the outcome . . . ) "Give the Seahawks their credit. They played well today. Leonard Pope dislocated his ankle. We don't know the extent of how much damage there is with that, but obviously he'll be out, and that's where we are."

(On how injuries influenced the outcome . . . ) "Our defense did a good job at times today. But it really comes down to not turning the ball over. We get the ball to start the game, we're moving it down the field, making plays, and we throw an interception. Ultimately, that's where we've got to be better. It seems to me when we don't turn the ball over, we're a pretty good team. When we do turn the ball over, we make it very difficult on ourselves, which is logical."

(On if that explanation relates to the recovered onside kick . . . ) "The next play we throw an interception. We can't do that. We had momentum, we fought back. We were down, we never gave up and came back, had a good drive and scored. Got the onside kick. Had a little bit of momentum, and then the very next play we turn the ball over. Against a very good opponent, whichh the Seahawks are, you can't do that. You've got to make the plays. A lot of that is what it came down to today, we had a number of opportunities to make plays, and we didn't do that early. When you dig yourselves a hole against a good opponent, in their stadium, it makes it difficult."

(On the play of Kurt Warner and if he was forcing his passes . . . ) "Well Kurt's a warrior. He fought through it. He got hit a couple of times today and he hung in there . He's obviously made some plays for us. And I'm sure there were a couple that didn't quite the way he wanted. Kurt battled today. He competed."

(On Arizona's offensive line . . . ) "Obviously, it's difficult when you're down three scores and you know you have got to pass the ball and they can pin their ears back. It's tough. It's tough for a young football player coming into this, with the noise. Once again, give them credit. They have good players."

(On the noise in Seattle . . . ) "I think it wasn't so much the noise that affected us early. We turned the ball over and that wasn't as much a function of it as we just didn't make the plays we had to make. But we did fight back. When we got the onside I felt like we were making progress. At that point I don't think it was the noise was anything that was bothering us. What bothers you is when you turn the ball over."

(On Larry Fitzgerald . . . ) "Larry fought through it, too. He made some plays for us, and I'm sure in some instances he wasn't full (strength), and that affected him as far as his route-running. Hopefully this won't be a setback for him, and he'll be better this week and he'll be closer to full next week."

(On the late personal foul call . . . ) "That's what disappointed me most about the situation, and that's what I talked to the offical about. The reason they called the penalty was because Darnell (Dockett) pulled his helmet off, is what they told me on the field. Obviously I don't condone that. But there was two guys on one in that situation. They came after Darnell there. I would have preferred to have seen no flag there, especially in that situation. But that was the explanation that they gave me."

(On postseason hopes . . . ) "It makes it a scenario that we almost have to win or . . . you never know that for a fact. But we have to win out to have a chance. That's where our focus is right now."