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A short Shaun Alexander story

Sometimes I like to provide insight into what is happening in this job as it relates to what's happening with the team. With that in mind, I will tell this story.

So every week this season -- at least every week he has been healthy -- Shaun Alexander has his own meeting with the media. Everybody else but Matt and Shaun were available every day, but those two have their own news conferences. For obvious reasons, it was something you needed to be there for just in case he said something. But yesterday, the pr folks come in the locker room to announce that Shaun is about to meet with the media, and virtually every writer didn't move, just stayed in the locker room because they had someone more important to speak with. I was not there, but apparently Shaun had to wait for Jeff Robinson to finish speaking before he could even start his news conference. I thought it was a pretty good indication of how things have changed. In any case, here were a few of the things he said about the running game:

(On the key to the running game…) "For us it's just staying healthy. We just play hard, whenever you shift your game-plane, which I think it's been for the better, you understand your role and everybody believes in it. For Mo (Morris) and I , we're just like 'hey, make plays' that hasn't changed, whether I'm getting the ball 27 times, or when I'm getting it 5. Just go out there and make plays, and I like where we're going."

(On if it reminds him of playing behind Ricky Watters…) "It's just a little bit different now, because then we were trying to figure out what we wanted to do. We're not trying to figure out anything, we're trying to go with what's going to work. When our receivers are playing like they, and Matt's (Hasselbeck) slinging the rock like that, we've got to ride this horse. That's what I felt like we did in '05, our line was just mashing people and I was hot. We just rode the horse all the way to Detroit. Hopefully we can ride that one all the way to Arizona, there are not going to be any complaints from me."