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Holmgren: No big plays, no emotion – and no win

Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren just finished up his Monday press conference. He said the 13-10 loss to Carolina looked as bad on film as it did in person. The why the Seahawks played so poorly seemed to be several reasons instead of just one.

Complacency, maybe, considering the Seahawks had already wrapped up a playoff spot. Travel, probably, considering the Seahawks had been on the road in three of the last four weeks. And, for whatever reason, the deadly combination of poor start and low energy was also a big factor.

Holmgren said he thought the team had a good week of practice but for whatever reason, that didn't carry over into the game. He said the defensive effort was solid but the lack of sacks and turnovers, which can spark a team, didn't help the cause.

"If you're just going through the motions, you're not going to win," Holmgren said. "Hopefully, if guys haven't learned it already, there's a lesson here."

Some other stuff from the press conference:

* Injuries. No major injuries were suffered. Also, Holmgren said he thinks WR D.J. Hackett (ankle) and CB Josh Wilson (quad) could get some practice time this week. He said he wants them to play as soon as they possibly can.

* A positive was the long-snapping of newcomer Jeff Robinson. Holmgren thinks – hopes – the team's issue with this basic skill is now a thing of the past.

* Holmgren said he has not had conversations with his staff about how players will be rested in the coming weeks. However, he said that's something he probably wouldn't talk about anyway.

* Holmgren said he believes 4 offensive and 4 defensive players on the Seahawks are deserving of Pro Bowl honors. He only revealed one name – Bobby Engram – while keeping the others secret.