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Patrick Kerney quotes

RE: Carolina's offensive play

They kept the chippers and tight ends in a lot. The quarterback set short and got rid of the ball. He did a good job of that, and you have to give credit to their whole blocking unit. They did a good job, and we didn't get any sacks.

RE: Difference in preparing for Vinny Testaverde and Matt Moore

He is a little more mobile then Vinny. He is a young guy that got coached well to get rid of the ball quick. You got to give credit to him and the coaches. He did a good job of staying out of pressure. We got to speed up our rush a little more. They did a good job of mixing in screens.

RE: Coming into the game with 13 ½ sacks, and receiving extra attention

If someone is able to put up big numbers, you got to give credit to the whole team. I am blessed to be doing well. But, they did give me a lot more attention. I knew that coming in, but you have to be able to overcome the pressure, and I wasn't able to do that today. I give a lot of credit to Jordan Gross, he did a good job protecting. We just have to make some adjustments, and get back to work.