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Brian Billick teleconference

Ravens head coach Brian Billick spoke at length about former UW coach Rick Neuheisel, calling the whole thing "bull----," ridiculing the fact that the whole thing happened over a basketball pool. Other agendas were clearly at play, Billick said, and he was happy that the NCAA exonerated Neuheisel. Billick said he thinks Neuheisel is better suited to the college game because of his enthusiasm, and that he would be a formidable opponent for Pete Carroll in LA.

Billick said it is pretty clear that injuries have devastated the Ravens this year, and that if they had things intact there is no doubt they would be a better team.

Both Billick and Bart Scott gave huge credit to Kelly Gregg for the team being so good against the run, and both said it was a travesty that Gregg was not picked for the Pro Bowl. If he was three inches taller, Scott said, he would be more noticeable. But he should definitely be on the Pro Bowl team.

Billick jokingly said he expected Mike Holmgren to run about two or three times the entire game. He said he understood that the Seahawks were getting criticism for their running game, but he said Holmgren has always done whatever it takes to move the ball, and if that means passing he will pass.