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(On the challenge of sustaining a running attack . . . ) "It's tough. Of course, we had the usual setbacks with turnovers. But we still have to have faith and keep fighting."

(On if players on offense feel frustrated . . . ) "Well, the way things have been going, of course there's going to be frustration. But you have to be mature and manage that frustration. You can't allow it to affect or worsen your performance. You have to be mature and keep chipping away."


(On Troy's performance…) "Well with the weather the way that it was and playing against a good defense like Seattle I think he had a good performance. It is a team effort. As a total offensive team effort so you can't evaluate one person how the game went. I think that we played good."

(On the season…) "It is hard going through a season like with all of the injuries. Guys are getting hurt constantly on the field but it is something that you have to battle through."

(On if all of the injuries lessen the sting of the losses…) "No! It puts things in perspective. It lets you know that you have to keep playing and stay focused. You just have to stay on top of your P's and Q's. When someone gets hurt it is just kind of a lackadaisical kind of thing or a freakish type of thing. You really can't stop it you just hope that it is not a serious injury."

(On if he feels the Ravens are injury plagued…) "No I don't think that we are thinking that. The part is just that we have got try and stay healthy especially as best you can. When you do get injured, its time to deal with it. And like I said I hope that it isn't a serious injury. You hope that it isn't a serious injury that is going to have you out for a significant amount of time."

(On how he feels being the "traffic cop" for a lot of young players in the secondary…) "Its fun. It's a growing process for all of us. To see them making plays and trying to get better every week, that is the fun part of it."

(On the play of Derrick Martin…) "To go against another good receiving corps like Seattle then coming back next year and having to go against the Steelers, to see him get better week to week, that is what you look for."

(On how much the defense misses Ray Lewis…) "We miss him every play. You want your leader to be out there directing traffic. Ray is still the star of this defense."


(On the play of the defense…) "Besides the play down in the end zone, we played good, we played hard and we fought until the end. It went pretty good out there for the defense; they played hard and they fought hard."

(On getting as much experience as he can for next season…) "Yes, that is definitely how I look at things for me. I need to get all of the experience that I can and show that I can play at this level and build the confidence to play at this level. I feel like I am getting better and my coaches have the confidence in me."

(On what happened on the touchdown…) "That touchdown was my mistake and I should have known what to do. That is the thing about getting the experience; I should have known that they were going to check off to the fade."

(On what the Ravens can take away from this game that is positive…) "I guess the thing is that you can't give up and not to quit. That is exactly what we have taken from this is because we are still fighting hard; you can't have that quit in you. We have to keep fighting and keep fighting hard."

(On losing McGahee…) "It hurts a lot. The guy went for 100 yards in the past couple of games he has played in; you lose him and you are losing a lot of offense. The injuries to the defense is something we have been dealing with all season long. So to add things like that is rough. We have got guys who step up and play hard while these other guys are out. But we are still playing hard on defense."


(On his interceptions…) I got the one interception, but I was hoping to catch all of them, but that is not how it came out for me. Hopefully, I can get my hands on a few more and make a few more plays for the team.

(On the increasing confidence the first one gives…) "Yes, after getting that first one it gives you a lot of confidence. It feels like you are really out there playing and tackling for the team. When you see balls coming, it just seems like they come to you after you get that first one."

(On problems in past games with guys getting behind the secondary…) "We talk about that every week. This week, everybody got on point and we were playing with a lot of chemistry and were playing for each other out there."

(On preparing for next year…) "Yeah, we are trying to focus and get a little something going for next year. We are trying to get this chemistry build amongst everybody. And, we are trying to get ourselves ready so we can compete for positions for next year. Yeah, I feel better about the situation, but after this week and going into next week, I think we can feel better about ourselves."