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Postgame stuff

Mike Holmgren said he thought this was the most complete game of the season in terms of contributions from offense, defense and special teams. Darrin Beene spoke with Ryan Plackemeier and Josh Brown, who basically said the difference in the special teams is Jeff Robinson over Boone Stutz because previously they had no idea where the ball was going. Holmgren downplayed the run game, which produced 144 yards, saying he thought it made some steps but was not where he wanted it to be to be competitive in the playoffs. Shaun Alexander said this game was the best he has felt all season, and the offensive line said things just clicked today for whatever reason. Speaking of the playoffs, Holmgren said he is leaning toward not changing anything against Atlanta, though if the Seahawks play like they did today they could have a big lead by halftime and then cruise the rest of the day. Nate Burleson said he didn't know how he got so open on that touchdown pass, he said he threw a nice move at the corner at the line of scrimmage, but he wasn't sure if it was the move that got him open or if the corner thought he had safety help. Burleson said that was supposed to be a run play but Hasselbeck audibled out of it to the pass then threw a perfect strike. Willis McGahee did fracture two ribs. Lofa said he knew he was hurt because on a previous play he hit McGahee about as hard as he could hit somebody and he popped right back up. So when he didn't pop up they knew he was hurt, though they didn't know what the injury was. He didn't know in the locker room until I told him, then he felt badly because it sounded like he may have been responsible. Mike Holmgren said he has never had a season like this where he has played so many second-, third- and fourth-string quarterbacks, and that they feel fortunate to do so. In case you didn't realize it, the Seahawks are locked into the third spot now with Tampa losing in San Francisco earlier today. Next week's game means nothing -- though it is the return of Patrick Kerney and Jim Mora Jr. to their previous team. Sorry for this long runon. I just started spouting thoughts and never hit the paragraph button. Hope you could follow it. I'll post quotes and notes as they become available.