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Holmgren on KJR: I plan to go back to work

Former Seattle Seahawks head coach Mike Holmgren joined KJR's Dave "Softy" Mahler this morning to talk about his renewed interest in returning to the NFL next year in 2010.

Holmgren said he's in Salt Lake City babysitting his granddaughter Emma. Holmgren's daughter Calla, a doctor who lives in Utah, joined his wife Kathy on a relief effort to work in refugee camps in Uganda.

On today's Washington Post report about him returning next season, Holmgren had this to say:

"I plan to go back to work," Holmgren said. Now, where and in what capacity, that is really, pretty vague. I don't know. But I know this: I want to do something, that's pretty much a given. And Kathy knows that. And actually she's taken the year off, too. And she's a very active person and she wants to do something. So we're going to go back to work.

"You know, I'm looking at the hires recently and they're hiring young coaches, for one thing. And I'm a little bit of a dinosaur. But I'm young at heart. I still think I'm 25. The fact is I'm not going to presume anything, but I am going to be open to just about any possibility."

And on whether he wants to be a head coach or work in the front office, Holmgren had this to say.

"That's an interesting question. I think the wear and tear on your body and your mind and your soul are quite different in the two jobs. Not that you don't care any less, because everyone cares, whether you're running a franchise or are a general manager as opposed to coaching.

"There's a tremendous draw to being on the sideline and playing that chess game on Sundays, but also there's a toll that it takes One of the reasons that I took the year off really is because I found that I wasn't' quite as resilent as I used to be after a tough loss, and then you start affecting your team. But that is a tremendous draw for me still.

"The Second part is that I had a little taste of running the team in Seattle for a few years You know, I think I've been pretty honest and open about that and I made some mistakes, but we did some good things, too. And if I ever got a chance to do that again I'd be better. I think I 'd be wiser and I wouldn't make the same mistakes hopefully. So there's a very attractive part of that job, too.

"What I am going to be is open. And the job or the place, the city, we've kind of pledged to each other – my wife and I – that we're just going to kind of listen and be open and see if anyone is interested and take it from there."

Asked what he would have done differently as general manager with Seattle, Holmgren said he would have brought in his own personnel people at the onset, avoiding any disagreements in philosophy he had with leftovers from the previous regime still on staff.

And although he seemed to think it unlikely, Holmgren did not rule out a possible return to the Seahawks

"I would never say never, honest to goodness," Holmgren said. "That would be kind of a nice thing if I could come back in some capacity and work for the club. But right now they're pretty well set, and they're going to have a pretty good season, I know that. The team looks pretty good to me, without having studied it. But at some point, I would never rule that out, no."

Holmgren said he liked the drafting of linebacker Aaron Curry by the Seahawks, although he thought the Seahawks would have had an interesting decision to make had Kansas City selected Curry at No. 3. He also gave Seahawks management high marks for how they handled the Leroy Hill situation.

Lastly, on quarterback Brett Favre, Holmgren said he actually ran into his former quarterback at Green Bay during a trip with his family to Disney World in Florida, and that Favre at that time said he was not coming back. However, Holmgren also said he wouldn't be surprised to see Favre surface in Minnesota.

"If he is healthy, and his arm is healthy, it wouldn't surprise me at all if he played one more year in Minnesota," Holmgren said. "I wouldn't surprise me at all because I stopped being surprised by him when I was coaching him a long, long time ago. He's a remarkable guy.

"I don't think anyone should be upset with him, other than the fact you don't have to read every story that comes through the pike. Let it happen. If it happens, then get excited or then say something."

UPDATE: The link to the interview is now available in this audio link.