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Morning links: SI's King ranks Hawks 19th

In his Monday Morning Quarterback column, Peter King of Sports Illustrated ranks the Seattle Seahawks 19th overall in his first power rankings.

I think it's fair, but maybe a bit low. I would have put the Seahawks in the top 15, based on all of the offseason moves. But I think King is right about saying Seattle's season will hinge on whether or not quarterback Matt Hasselbeck can stay healthy.

Here's what kind had to say about the Seahawks.

19. Seattle

Hard not to like what the Seahawks have done in the offseason, replacing the declining Julian Peterson and Rocky Bernard with Aaron Curry at linebacker and defensive-line-rotation pieces Colin Cole and Cory Redding. T.J. Houshmandzadeh's a very good addition, but he's not really much different than Bobby Engram, other than he should be able to stay healthier than Engram. But this team will sink or swim on the back of Matt Hasselbeck. Jim Mora told me in about 16 different ways Hasselbeck's back is fine. Hasselbeck has echoed that repeatedly, but let's see how he holds up when the real games start.

Check out King's entire rankings here.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports ranks the Seahawks 20th overall.

Where do you see the Seahawks in terms of where they fit in with the rest of the league right now? And have they done enough to take over the NFC West again? Let me know in the comments section.

Gregg Bell of the Associated Press confirms what I have said in earlier blog posts, that wide receiver Nate Burleson is moving pretty well for someone who just had ACL knee surgery eight months ago.

TNT columnist Dave Boling catches up with offensive guard Rob Sims, who says he's ready to make his mark this season.

Rob Rang of wraps up his four-part series on new Seattle Seahawks linebacker Aaron Curry by talking with the linebacker about his draft experience.

Brock and Salk of ESPN 710 talk to Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley about the changes defensively in this audio link. The interview begins about 26 minutes in.

Bradley says the Hawks are looking at the possibility of bringing Aaron Curry off the edge on third downs, similar to how they used Julian Peterson. Bradley also talked about using a 3-3 defensive front, which has become popular in high school football because it allows defenses to take advantage of they're best athletes, which are usually at linebacker.