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Ken Lucas on KJR: My best is yet to come

KJR's Mitch Levy interviewed Seattle Seahawks cornerback Ken Lucas this morning. Lucas talked about his return to Seattle, wanting to finish out his career as a Seahawks and how much he will contribute defensively.

On how has he changed since he left Seattle for Carolina, Lucas had this to say:

"I would like to say I'm a better professional now," Lucas said. "I understand what it takes to play on this level and how to maintain a level of excellence on this level. So with that being said, I've come back to my home where I first got my start at. And hopefully I can finish my career here, and go out on top with a Super Bowl ring."

On whether or not he would have liked things to work out so that he stayed in Seattle:

"I try not to have any regrets about any decisions that I have made in my past," Lucas said. "Just know that if I had made other decisions or chose to be here maybe I wouldn't be here now. So I'm blessed to have gone to Carolina, that's a wonderful organization. And I'm blessed to be back and happy to be back here."

Lucas said that the Seahawks and the Panthers organizations are both similar in the fact that they are high-class organizations that try and do things the right way.

On the incident in practice with Steve Smith, and the professional manner in which he handled the aftermath of that incident, Lucas had this to say.

"It was solely the spirit of God that helped me get through that meeting," Lucas said. "The flesh of Ken Lucas – I don't know if he could have done what I did. But the spirit of God helped me get through that situation and helped me make the right decisions for the team and not just for myself.

"The flesh would have done things that most people would have reacted in a certain way. But I didn't chose to go that way because I saw the big picture, and I knew based on time in Carolina that that was the best team I had been on, and felt like we had a great opportunity to do some big things that year. And I didn't want to mess those things up. So I sacrificed my personal feelings to do what God would want me to do, and not per se what I would have wanted to do."

Even though he's 30 years old, Lucas said he still has a lot of gas left in the tank.

"Some people feel like I'm old now age-wise," he said. "But for me, my motivation is to show everybody that I'm not going to let a young guy outwork me, period. I feel like I have a lot of football left in me. I feel like my best is yet to come. So with that being said, I'm only getting better with time. And I feel like I'm faster, quicker, and much wiser than what I used to be when I first went to Carolina."

Listen to the entire interview in this audio link.