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Curry on KJR: Just a regular guy

Seattle Seahawks linebacker Aaron Curry joined Mitch Levy on KJR-AM this morning. Levy talked to Curry about his superstar potential for the Seahawks. But the humble Curry downplayed his future greatness, projecting himself as a your average, 6-foot-3, 254-pound guy.

"I wouldn't consider myself a superstar," Curry said. "I'm just a regular guy playing ball."

Curry confirmed that he purchased his dream car, a midnight blue, Cadillac Escalade that is back in North Carolina. Curry also said he bought his mother, Chris, a new home in Carolina as well, and has found a place in Seattle.

Asked how contract negotiations are going, Curry said he didn't know and he's letting his agent, Andy Ross, handle everything.

Curry said he enjoyed participating in the team's offseason program, where he played linebacker and a little defensive end.

"I've been having a lot of fun playing multiple positions and just going out everyday and trying to find a way to get better," he said.

Seattle head coach Jim Mora has been pleasantly surprised by Curry's ability to rush the passer, which could give Seattle's defense some flexibility to use Curry as a defensive end in obvious passing situations. Curry also talked about the team's defensive scheme and how he fits in, saying it's very similar to the defense he played in at Wake Forest.

"We're going to have many dimensions to our defense as far as being attacking, or we can sit back and just play the pass," he said. "We're going to be aggressive. We're going to be relentless. So I should get a few shots on the quarterback."

Asked what will be the hardest adjustment to make in the NFL, Curry said the difference has been the attention to details. Curry said he's also been impressed with the ability of the defensive backs' ability to cover the talented receivers Seattle has.

"Every time I watch one-on-ones or I watch game film from last year, I'm blown away with their ability to cover receivers," Curry said. "In the NFL there's freaky athletes. And for the defensive backs to be able to cover, it's just amazing their ability to flip their hips, play with clean footwork, locate the ball, intercept the ball and make big plays with it.

"I just find it very amazing because it's something you don't see everyday at the college level. You don't truly see these amazing corners, even though I played with one of them (Alphonso Smith, a second round selection by Denver)."

Curry says he picks up moves in watching the defensive backs during one-on-one passing drills.

Listen to the entire interview with Curry in this audio link.