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Duckett on KJR: Big back relishes expanded role

Seattle Seahawks running back T.J. Duckett joined KJR's Mitch Levy this morning to talk about the upcoming season. Duckett said he's looking forward to expanding his role as a short-yardage back, and believes the zone blocking system fits his style as a one-cut, downhill runner.

"I would love to have more carries," Duckett said. "I'm not just wanting to settle with being a short-yardage back just because of my size. So yeah, definitely, mentally I'm ready to compete for that.

"Physically I'm ready, so it's just a matter of now going into camp and working. Working and showing what I can do. And trying – I don't want to say knocking the stigma of a big back off – but showing I can be more of a guy who runs inside the 20s or a first and second-down guy. And give the coaches more confidence that I can make things happen."

Levy compared Duckett's potential to the breakout season first baseman Russell Branyan has had with the Seattle Mariners, hitting 22 home runs in his first opportunity to play everyday in the major leagues.

It's a fairly accurate comparison. However, as we pointed out in a previous blog post, Duckett has shown the ability to be productive in a Greg Knapp-led offense in Atlanta.

Listen to the full conversation here in this audio link.

Also, ESPN's John Clayton talks with Brock and Salk about Adam Schein's rant about the Seahawks chances this season in this audio link. The conversation begins about 15 minutes in.

And finally, ESPN has something set up where you can rank the top 20 quarterbacks in the league. Here's my top 10.

Peyton Manning, Brady, Roethisberger, Warner, McNabb, Brees, Rivers, Eli Manning, Hasselbeck and Palmer.

What's yours? Let me know in the comments section.