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DE Jackson waiting for Curry to sign?

That's the word from Kansas City Star reporter Adam Teicher, who said the Kansas City Cheifs are waiting for Aaron Curry to sign with Seattle before inking a deal with the team's No. 3 overall pick, DE Tyson Jackson.

Teicher also predicted that Jackson will sign by midweek, and at the end of the week at the latest.

Here's an excerpt.

Much depends on when the Seahawks sign Aaron Curry, the linebacker they selected with the fourth pick, or one spot behind Jackson. The Chiefs appear content to wait until Curry signs before getting serious with the Jackson negotiations. Once Curry is signed, Jackson likely won’t be far behind.

The Chiefs appear to be the ones driving this delay. No doubt they have a date in mind when they believe Jackson needs to be in camp for him to be of help when the regular season begins. Obviously, that point isn’t at hand.

As we reported earlier on the Curry's negotiations, Hawks GM Tim Ruskell hinted during his interview with reporters last week that Curry's representation was using New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez's $28 million guaranteed money figure as part of the negotiations, while the team seemed to believe that the Sanchez contract should not be a factor because he's a quarterback.

So the thought process was once Jackson signed with Kansas City, the Seahawks would have a comparable number to bring back to the table in the Curry negotiations. However, if Jackson's agents are waiting for Curry to sign, that scenario goes out the window. So it seems we are waiting to see who blinks first, the Chiefs of the Seahawks. Stay tuned.