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Do you know more than us about the NFL?

A quick note: In the past, I helped out on the Seahawks Insider blog when baseball season was over. I will be doing that again this year, perhaps more extensively in the past. The thinking is we can never get you guys enough information.

Anyway as for the title of this blog post, it's kind of a loaded question up top, because I'm pretty certain that most of you know more than me. As for Eric, well, he played football in college and knows a little bit.

But I guess it's time to prove it. I put together a NFL pick-em league on ESPN, and it's public and free to join, Eric and I and some of our other TNT writers will be picking games and go head-to-head with you football-aholics. I was going to say its for bragging rights, but I'm thinking of putting something together some sort of prize for the winner, maybe a Hawks jersey or one of the gift certificates we get for going on the radio.

Just go click here and start picking.

The group's name is Seahawks Insider: Where the fans know more than the writers.