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Seahawks Insider Pick'em Week 1 results

Jets Texans FootballThe plan is to post the weekly leaders and overall leaders every Tuesday, but my first responsibility - covering a rapidly fading baseball team - took precedence.

So we're posting them today from the VMAC.

First of all, thanks to all who have entered, we have 180 people participating, and I believe had a I gotten the word out sooner, we would have had more. Even though, we're a week in, feel free to join. Just click here to see the league standings. It's still open to new participants. However, you probably won't win the to be determined as yet grand prize at the end of the season. Still, it's fun making the picks, testing out your knowledge against "experts" like Eric.

However it appears this week, I can't really make fun of the News Tribune's Seahawks beat writer, since he finished in a four-way tie for first-place in this week's pick.

Congratulations to Eric, longtime and frequent commenter Dukeshire, AsherAdam1 and Lar3Wil, those four individuals picked 15 of 16 games correct this past week.

For Eric, Dukeshire and Lar3wil, the only game they got wrong was the Texans loss to the Jets. And come on, who really expected that to happen. New York goes into Houston with a rookie quarterback and beats a team that some of "experts" seemed to think was a sleeper team in the AFC South. I never understood how Houston is a sleeper since their defense is mountain of suck that couldn't stop Washington State's offense. Offensively, the Texans have weapons, but Matt Schaub is apparently made of stained glass or uncooked spaghetti and relatively fragile to contact.

As for AsherAdam, he put his faith in Jay Cutler being the savior for the Bears. Instead, Cutler went Grossman or color blind and threw four interceptions.

Bears Cutler Football

Still, 15 of 16 is pretty solid. As for myself, I got 13 of 16 right, incorrectly picking the Texans (see above), Bengals (Child Please! Pure luck for Kyle Orton and Brandon Stokley) and the Cardinals (apparently Kurt Warner has upset the higher power for appearing on "The Biggest Loser")