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Reaction to the two Frank Gore runs

Obviously there was plenty of talk surrounding the two long runs by Frank Gore. The first one - a 79-yard TD run in the first quarter - was a career long.

Here's the video of the first run

It lasted for a quarter and the 15 minute halftime, since on the first play from scrimmage in the second half, he galloped 80 yards for a score and a new career high.

Now here's video of the second run.

That would be two plays, two touchdowns, 159 yards and the ball game according to most of the Seahawks.

“If you take those two plays back, it’s a different story,” Kerney said. “That is what cost us the game.”

He'll get no arguments from me or Jim Mora, who lamented his team's inability to control the gaps.

“When you are a playing a great runner like that and you are not in the gap that you are assigned to be in, in that particular defense, against that particular player, then he’s going to make you pay and he just did that twice today,” Mora said.

Perhaps even more frustrating is that the Seahawks according to Mora, were in eight-man fronts on both of those run plays.

"Technically, you shouldn't be able to run against that, but we got out of whack in our gap control," Mora said. "They blocked us up. You could make the argument that if we had more of a 'cup' we'd be able to stop him at 15, 12 or 20 yards and not chasing him to the end zone."

Mora was then asked if it was risky to run an 8-man front.

"There's a chance it is," he said. "But they shouldn't get by, they shouldn't. They do their job on every single play and if you do that they should be okay. If someone doesn't and you're facing a running back like Frank Gore, you pay a heavy price. We did today."

My feeling is that if you have an eight-man front, the running back should not get to the secondary untouched and with a full head of steam, and basically Gore did that on both runs.

Kerney took responsibility for the second long run. If you watch the replay, you see there was a chance to make a play by him, but he said he made the wrong read initially.

“If I would have played that one better, the play may have out differently, so I am upset about that,” Kerney said.

On the first one, Aaron Curry overpursued and got caught out of position.

And on both plays, safety Jordan Babineaux was in a position to make plays, but didn't. It doesn't have to be a textbook tackle, just grab a body part and hang on. The first one, he should have dove for the legs and didn't and the second one he seemed to have misjudged how fast Gore was moving and his angle was off. But of course, Gore should have been at least bumped or grabbed by the time he got to Babineaux.

A few notes on Gore's game today.

  • He joined Barry Sanders as the only player in NFL to have two touchdown runs of longer than 75 yards in game. Sanders had runs of 80 and 82 in 1997 against Tampa.
  • The 207 yards on 16 carries was an average of 12.9 per carry. It was the second highest ypc (with minimum of 10 carries) in franchise history.
  • It was also the highest ypc with a minimum of 15 carries in the NFL since 1970.
  • It was the second time Gore broke 200 yards against the Seahawks, he rushed for 212 (third most ever allowed by the Seahawks) in 2006