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Mora press conference: Injury updates -- Hasselbeck still not ruled out.

Here's the nuts and bolts of the injury report, which I'm sure you want to hear about first and foremost.  We'll try and update to this as well.

"I thought what we could do is get the injury stuff out of the way and then if we have any time for questions," head coach Jim Mora said as he sat down at the table to open the press conference.

And he was right, just to give us the injury updates took like five minutes. The stuff in quotes on each player is obviously from Mora.

Sean Locklear (High ankle sprain) – OUT

Walter Jones (back knee) – He will practice and they see where he is at the end of the week. And make the determination closer to the game if he will play.

Chris Spencer (pulled quadriceps) – “If all goes well, he should be avaible. He will practice.

So will Spencer move into the starting center spot?

"We haven't made that decision yet," Mora said. "What we'll do today is kind of split reps between him and Steve. Then we'll see how Spencer comes out of the day. Tomorrow, probably move a little more towards Spencer, assuming he does  fine today and then we'll decide. We'd like to decide by tomorrow at the latest and then move on from there. We think Chris is a really good player and we're not going to keep him on the bench if he can help us win."

Matt Hasselbeck (fractured rib) – “Not ruling him out, but we’ll see it how it goes. He won’t practice today, might not practice tomorrow. We’ll see where he is on a day to day basis. He’s feeling better. I’m not ruling him out at all, but I’m not saying he’s going to play either.

Mora said that how much Hasselbeck practices during the week won't be a determinant either.

"I'd feel fine, as long as our medical staff and Matt feels fine, I'd feel fine. ," Mora said. "From a mental standpoint, from a physical standpoint, in terms of moving and making decisions, Matt is one of the best there is in the NFL. He's smart. He's intellectual. He understands the game. He has a grasp of our scheme. I'd feel fine with that. This is a guy that can pick things up without having to do the repetitions on the field. The key thing is what's best for Matt's health and what's best for this team in terms of long term success."

When told that Hasselbeck said he wanted to gut it out and play, and asked if he was ok with that, Mora said it wasn't up to him.

"I'll defer to the doctors and Matt," Mora said. "If the doctors look at me and say, 'Jim,  Matt's good to go.' And Matt looks me in the eye and says, 'I'm going.' Then you know what, Matt Hasselbeck is going because we're trying to win and we want to put the players out there that give us the best chance to win."

Deion Branch (hamstring) – “If all goes well this week, he should be able to play Sunday.”

TJ Houshmandzadeh (back spasms) – Housh has been listed with a back injury the last few weeks and has not practiced on Wednesday very often. Eric calls it “Wednesdays with Housh.” According to Mora: “He will not practice today, he will practice tomorrow and he’ll be good to go on Sunday.”

Justin Griffith (sprained MCL) – “He won’t practice today, but if it all goes well, he should be ready to go on Sunday.”

LeRoy Hill (groin) – “LeRoy had surgery on Friday. It went very well. They were very encouraged. When the doctor got in there and looked at it, it didn’t seem to be as severe as they feared. That doesn’t mean he’ll be back any sooner.”

Mora admitted he didn’t like putting on a timetable on Hill’s return, but for the moment he’s sticking to the Nov. 1 return.

Josh Wilson (high ankle sprain) – OUT. Kelly Jennings will start at corner for Wilson. Justin Forsett will take his spot on kick return. As for the nickel package, the Hawks are looking at two options – moving Travis Fisher, who will be ready for Sunday after being inactive the first two games with a sore hamstring, into the nickel back spot, or else moving Jordan Babineaux to the nickel back and put Lawyer Milloy at safety.

Lofa Tatupu (hamstring) – “I don’t know if he’ll play or not. I’d say there is a chance that he will, but we’ll see. He won’t practice today, I don’t know that he will practice tomorrow. I don’t know that he’ll practice Friday. The one thing we have to make sure we do is make the right decision with him so it doesn’t linger any longer that it has.”

Brandon Mebane (calf) – “he won’t work today, but he’s feeling a lot better. And we’ll see how it goes through the week. If he’s feeling good by the weekend, we’ll do all we can to get him in there.”