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A little humor and the weekly pick'em standings

It hasn't been the best week for Seahawk fans. Obviously the loss against the 49ers was frustrating and disappointing, and then you throw the Matt Hasselbeck injury and the plethora of other injuries the team is dealing with, it's  giving us all an eerie and sickening feeling of deja vu to last year.

And of course, I've now seen the Frank Gore highlights running past an overpursuing Aaron Curry, an out of position Patrick Kerney (on the second play) and a stunned and overwhelmed Jordan Babineaux. Well, the guys over at Deadspin offered up their own version of the Gore highlight since the NFL doesn't allow rebroadcast of highlights. It's a rather humorous look at the play, and surprisingly not that different than the real play. Just imagine the frog being Jordan Babineaux. Don't get it? You will. Haven't had much to smile about this week? This should at least make you crack a half of a smile.

We're through two weeks of the Seahawks Insider Pick'em Contest.

Not a great week for the so-called experts - me and Eric. I went 8-8 and Eric went 7-9.

I don't know what to say, the only picks I really questioned were picking the Jags over Kurt Warner and his arc-angels and maybe the Chiefs over the Raiders. But for three quarters JaMarcus Russell couldn't complete a pass and Al Davis was lucid, and then it all changed.

Eric went 7-9 and deserved to, by picking almost the same wrong games as me and then also picking the Dolphins to beat the Colts on Monday night. I have a better chance of dunking a basketball than the Dolphins beating the Colts.

This week's top pickers all picked 11 games right and were:

And after two weeks, we have three people leading the group with 25 points:
Biobird (week 1: 14-2, week 2: 11-5)thefredman (week 1: 14-2, week 2: 11-5)asheradam (week 1: 15-1, week 2: 10-6)