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Injury updates: Is Walter Jones done? Hasselbeck still not ready.

It was a pretty standard news conference with injury updates, Peyton Manning compliments, meandering answers, but it was our own Eric Williams, who may have asked one of the more interesting questions and received one of the more intriguing answers, concerning Walter Jones.

Eric: Is there concerns that you won't see him on the field this season, or do you feel ultimately that he will make it back on Sunday at some point this season.

Mora: I hope so. It's just,  you know, I hope so. I don't know. I mean I can't tell you the thought doesn't cross your mind. But I think we have to give him some time. I think he's earned that. He's had a distinguished career. He's exhibited toughness his whole career.No one can question his commitment to this game, it's really beyond reproach. We just have to be patient and let him work through this, and then make the best decision for the team when we feel its necessary. Right now we feel the best thing to do is keep working, keep pushing, push a little, back off a little and listen Walter cause nobody how he feels but him."That's not exactly a ringing endorsement or a guarantee that Jones will return to the field for the Seahawks.

So what brought this question on?

Well, Mora mentioned that they were going to give Jones some days off this week because there is still some soreness in the left knee that he had recently had scoped.

He was asked on Monday if Jones had suffered a physical setback, but Mora wouldn't characterize the knee pain as a setback.

"He hasn't, he hasn't, as a matter of fact he's doing well," Mora said. "I had a long talk with Walt, Monday evening and he still has some pain in that knee. So we're going to give him a couple days of rest this week. I don't want to characterize it as a setback because it's not. It's just more the process of rehabilitation. As Walt goes out there to practice, what he does is he tries to judge what point in the game he is through practice. When he gets to play four, I'm in the third quarter, how do I feel?

Frankly when he gets to that part of the practice, he starts to experience some pain that's difficult for him to overcome right now. We know that Walt has some medical limitations that we try to have to overcome. We feel like its in the best interest of Walter to give him a little rest here because he's been working really hard. We're hoping its a positive outcome."So what does that mean exactly?

Basically, it means that Walt can't make in through a practice without the knee starting to bother him. And let's be clear these aren't full practices. He does individual work and some team work, but not nearly the amount of reps a normal starter or even a key back-up would do.

Then there is the fact that he is carrying about 20 to 30 pounds of extra weight on his frame. It can't help the rehabilitation. Also because the knee is bothering him, it hinders his ability to condition and lose that weight. Had he been healthy at the start of training camp and practiced on a normal basis, that weight would have been gone by now. But since he can't condition, it's going to be difficult to get anywhere near game condition because of physical limitations.

It's why some people began wondering if we are going to see Walt again in the near future. The prevailing thought by most in the media workroom is that there's good chance we won't see him again.

When asked if Walt was discouraged because of the pain, Mora gave a standard answer:

"He was only discouraged in the fact that he can't be on the field helping this team win, cause that's his goal. In terms of being discouraged of how he felt physically, maybe a little, but not where he was just in the tank. But more of a concern of, 'I want to get right because I want to be on the field helping my teammates win.'

Ok, let's go for some mildly better news.

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is probably not going to play this weekend. Mora said Hasselbeck feels better and is making progress, but there is one small problem - it hurts when he takes a deep breath.

"The holdup quite simply with Matt is that he can't run yet," Mora said. "When he takes deep breaths, there is pain. When you're a quarterback you have to run a little bit and when you're in a game you have to take deep breaths, so that's the holdup there. As soon as he moves through that, we'll start moving working him back in there."

Mora later admitted that both Jones and Hasselbeck will not play against Indianapolis

OK, let's get to the other injuries because there is still about eight other guys to list.

Chris Spencer (quad) -- will practice and will do well. His stamina was a little down on Sunday, but Mora think he'll make a big step this week

Ken Lucas (groin) --- "He didn't come out of the game any worse for the wear, as a matter of fact he was a little bit better than he was the week before," Mora said.  Lucas will be a limited to day, but he should be fine for Sunday.

Lofa Tatupu (hamstring) --- Mora classified him as "Go as able" meaning that Lofa will take limited team reps and assuming he's good he should be ready for Sunday.

Josh Wilson (high ankle sprain) --- He's actually surprised the Seahawks with his progress. What was thought to be a few weeks could be shorter. He will do some individual work today. They will see how he feels and then see if he's up for doing more. So he's ahead of schedule.

Brandon Frye (groin) --- He won't practice today, but all indications are that he'll be fine for Sunday.

Rob Sims (oblique) --- He won't practice  today, but tomorrow will be a critical day to see where he is at for Sunday.

Jordan Babineaux (neck) --- He won't practice today, it's a little sore, but nothing too serious.

Sean Locklear (high ankle sprain) --- While Wilson is ahead of schedule, Locklear remains on schedule. Mora just said that Wilson is probably a faster healer than Locklear.

Also there was a few practice squad moves ...They've added OL Na'Shon Goddard, OL Brian De La Puente (for like the third time) and former Husky running back Louis Rankin to the practice squad.

They dropped WR Logan Payne, RB Devin Moore and LB Thomas Williams.

The move to add the linemen was based on depth issues with all the injuries to the offensive line. As for Rankin, Mora said he liked the speed and size of Rankin in comparison to Moore. He also lamented letting go of Payne, but admitted it was necessary move.