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Morning links: Dealing with Manning


The Seahawks will have their hands full on Sunday trying to figure out a way to stop Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning, which was the focus of my story today.

Blitz Manning and he’ll be licking his chops, looking for a way to get to his hot routes and one-on-one matchups along the perimeter.

Chose to stay back and only rush four and the defense dies a slow death, as he methodically picks away at the secondary for an inevitable score.

Seahawks head coach Jim Mora was asked about the decision to blitz or stay back in coverage during his press conference on Wednesday, and had this to say:

“I think you have to do both. I think you’re hitting it perfectly in terms of if you’re not disciplined, and if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, he’s going find you. "But at the same time, you’ve got to make him figure it out a little bit as he goes. So you’ve got to show him some things that maybe you haven’t done. But that’s the same really with every quarterback. Or offensive line or tackle or however you’re attacking the protection. So you’ve got to do both. “But I think first and foremost of those two taking care of your own shop and being disciplined and tackling well and being in the right spot in coverage and those type of things. That’s first and foremost. And you know what? With this guy, you could do it all exactly right and he can still make the throw.”

Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post says Peyton Manning’s value is going through the roof after his performance in the last 12 games. Lombardi says Manning’s agent, Tom Condon, will sit down with the Colts in the near future to renegotiate a new deal for his client

Our own Ryan Divish writes about the Walter Jones situation, along with updating all of the injuries and the addition of running back Louis Rankin to the practice squad here.

Our own Dave Boling says defense end Lawrence Jackson is finally living up to his draft status.

Greg Johns of talks with left tackle fill-in Brandon Frye.

Clare Farnsworth of offers this practice report from Wednesday’s practice.

Dave Wyman of ESPN 710 Seattle discusses the importance of turnover margin as it relates to a team’s success on the field. Seattle’s turnover margin is -3 so far this season, which puts them tied for 27th overall.

Dave Boling talks with KJR’s Elise Woodward about the Hawks in this audio link.

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Seahawks linebacker David Hawthorne joins Furness to talks about last week’s game in this audio link.

According to Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star, defensive end Dwight Freeney, who has a strained right quad, says he’s a fast healer.