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Greetings from Notre Dame Stadium

It's almost kickoff time here at Notre Dame Stadium. I planned on posting some photos that I took while walking from the parking lot to the stadium, but I can't get our software to work, so you'll have to make do with some predictions instead.

Here's the predictions from Seahawks players. The Huskies outnumber the Fighting Irish 4-3, and actually 5-3 if you count head coach Jim Mora. That smack talk started on Thursday, but no word on what the friendly wagers will be.

WashingtonSafety Lawyer MilloyFinal: Husky victory

“Since I’ve been away from the University of Washington this feels the most like a brotherhood then ever. It feels like it used to feel when I was playing.”

RB Louis RankinFinal: Huskies by 14

Safety C.J. WallaceFinal: 21-17 Huskies

CB Roy LewisFinal: 24-21 Huskies

Notre Dame

RB Julius JonesIrish victory

“We got that. It will be a good game. But in the end you can’t bet against God. I don’t know too many people that will do that.”

TE John OwensFinal: 24-17 Irish“I think it will be a good game. I know Washington is doing better this year. I didn’t get a chance to see the USC game they won, but I guess that’s a statement in itself. You know, I’ve still got to pull for the alma mater. I’ve got Notre Dame coming out victorious.”

TE John CarlsonFinal: Irish by 10