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Colts 34, Seahawks 17 -- Postgame analysis/rant thread

Well, in a word to describe the game -- craptastic. Yes, the score doesn't seem awful. ButI think for those who watched, the game felt like a blowout for most of it.

The Seahawks looked inept at times with a myriad of penalties, crushing the few moments of solid play and rhythm.

And judging from the game chat, not many of you are pleased with the play of Seneca Wallace. But I'd be surprised if Matt Hasselbeck is ready to play against the Jags.

To me, it was clearly obvious that the Colts are vastly better than the Seahawks, at least the current form of them. Maybe with everyone healthy they could compete. Maybe.

So go ahead and rant away. Offer your thoughts and analysis. Just keep them clean or they will get deleted