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Mora: At 1-3, Hawks still a good football team

The mood in the locker room was a kind of a silent resignation in terms of the 34-17 loss to Indianapolis.

Without Matt Hasselbeck or Walter Jones, the Seattle Seahawks couldn't have had any illusions of what their chances were of winning this game.

And with Colts' defensive end Dwight Freeney going to the fountain of youth and experiencing what Seahawks head coach termed "a miracle cure" in returning from a quad injury that reportedly was going to keep him out two weeks, you knew coming in that left tackle Brandon Frye was in trouble.

With the game 21-3 at halftime, and 28-3 early in the third quarter, guys in the league are realists, and the Seahawks' players understood that would be a tough deficit to overcome in Indianapolis.

But I talked to several players trying to get a feel for the mood on the team, and each player said that they believe that the Seahawks can rebound from the 1-3 start, starting with Jacksonville at home next week.

Count Seahawks head coach Jim Mora as the leader of that charge.

“We knew that it was going to be tough,” Mora said. “We know with our situation being what it is, it was going to be tough until we get back to full strength. But we’re determined to do that. We’re determined to overcome this. And one thing about this start is that it presents a tremendous challenge to our football team, every many in that room next door – players, coaches, adminsistrater and everyone in this organization.

“If you’re in this business long enough then you face some challenges. And one of the reasons were in this business is because we love challenges. And this is a great challenge.

“I believe in the people in this organization. I believe in our players. I believe we’re a good football team that has had some things go against it. And as we’ve said, we’ve got a small margin for air, and we made some errors. But we’re going to stick to it. And we’re going to continue to fight and we’re going to continue to work hard. And we’re going to continue to get better. And we’re going to see where this thing ends up.”

Mora said his defense tried everything to slow down Peyton Manning, but he still carved up Seattle’s defense to the tune of 31 of 41 for 353 yards and two touchdowns, finishing with a 107.1 passer rating.

And it wasn’t as if the Colts had a short field, with Indianapolis scoring on four drives of 78 yards or more.

Along with the defense being accountable for Manning’s impressive play, Mora said the Seahawks didn’t get much help from the offense, which put up two touchdowns late in the game to make the score look a little more respectable.

In terms of injuries, Rob Sims suffered a sprained left ankle and will be evaluated on Monday. Patrick Kerney injured his groin in the third quarter, but appeared OK after the game. All other injuries were minor, so it looks like on the injury front Seattle escaped this week. But we’ll find out more on Monday.

Mora said he does not know if Seattle will get Matt Hasselbeck back next week, and he won’t find out until Hasselbeck sees if he can practice on Wednesday. If Hasselbeck can’t go, Mora said Seneca Wallace remains the starter.

Here’s some quotes from the locker room.

Patrick Kerney on rebounding from a 1-3 start
Oftentimes you look at your season by quarter, and at 1-3 it was a bad first quarter for us. I’ve been 1-3 before and gone to the playoffs. So you’ve just got to keep fighting, keep working and control what you can control. You know, your attitude at the office, the effort on the practice field and in the weight room and in the meetings.”

Lofa Tatupu on Peyton Manning

“With all of the time he spends studying defenses, when he finds out what your in, you can defend him but you better be on it and doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing."

Nate Burleson on being 1-3

“We obviously feel terrible. Nobody wants to lose. I said the same thing last week. But we do understand that it is early. But with saying that statement, I know that I can’t continue to say it because at some point it’s not going to be early in the season, and we’re going to be at a point where games are going to cost us.

“I’m not saying they don’t cost us now, but we’re definitely going to have to get something rolling. Because it’s OK to win late and have big wins late in the season, but you’ve got to put yourself in a position to relax. If we drop too many games, then we’ll be pressuring ourselves, trying to figure out other people’s wins and losses. And we’ve got to control what we can control and get some Ws.”

T.J. Houshmandzadeh on 1-3 start

“Obviously guys are down, but I said earlier. I know me. And excuse my language. Y’all can print this or not, ain’t no (wimp) in me. I’m not going to quit. I wouldn’t have made it to this point, and I don’t think anybody in this locker room would have gone this far in their career if you’re going to quit.

“It’s a long season. We’re 1-3. All right. Cool. We can win next week, 2-3. The next week after that and we’re 3-3, and you’re right back in it. That’s how you have to look at it.”

Seneca Wallace on the game

“We just didn’t score enough points. Obviously going against Indy and Peyton they’re gong to put up points. And we had to match it, and we didn’t get a lot of points.”