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Wednesday practice report: Hasselbeck makes it through practice

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck practiced for the first time in over two weeks on Wednesday, and made it through the entire practice without any issues.

Hasselbeck, who experienced some pain on Monday, said he felt OK after today’s practice, but is still uncertain if he will play on Sunday.

“That was probably in the 17 days that we’ve had here the worst day,” Hasselbeck said about Monday, in which head coach Jim Mora described his quarterback as being in excruciating pain. “It’s just one of those things where I want to be fair to the team. I want to be out there and give everything that I’ve got.

“But at the same time I want to be fair to Seneca. If for some reason I’m not able to go he needs to be prepared to play. Today was a good start, and we’ll see how tomorrow goes.”

Hasselbeck said he feels comfortable doing bootlegs and moving out of the pocket. He says it does not hurt to throw, and for the most part he looked comfortable dropping back and making all of the throws during practice.

Hasselbeck went through individual and team drills. He split reps with Seneca Wallace with the first team. He also said he’d be willing to test out the injury in terms of seeing how he would respond to contact to make sure he’s OK to go on Sunday.

Offensive coordinator Greg Knapp said in putting together a game plan this week for Jacksonville he’ll try to select plays that are familiar to both Hasselbeck and Wallace.

“His energy was excellent I felt for a guy who hasn’t practiced in a couple weeks, so that was a good sign,” Knapp said.

Hasselbeck was listed as a limited participant in practice today, along with Justin Griffith (knee) and Lofa Tatupu (hamstring)

LB Leroy Hill (groin), OT Walter Jones (knee), OT Sean Locklear (ankle) and OG Rob Sims were listed as out, although we did see Hill running and working agility drills on a nearby hill while practice was taking place. Walter Jones also came out at the end of practice.

DE Patrick Kerney (groin) did not participate in practice

Cornerback Josh Wilson was a full participant in practice today and looked like he’s close to being ready to go. Asked if he was planning to return kicks on Sunday, Wilson had this to say:

“I expect to catch some passes, return some kicks and play some quarterback if they let me,” Joked Wilson. “I’ll do whatever I can to make sure I can help this team win.”

For Jacksonville, DT Greg Peterson (knee) is out. S Sean Considine (groin), LB Adam Seward (groin), CB Scott Starks (hip) and OT Tra Thomas (knee) did not practice.

LB Clint Ingram (ankle) was limited in practice. And DT Derek Landri (wrist) was a full participant in practice.

Here's the full transcript of Matt's interview with the media ...

How did it go today?

It felt ok, probably better than I expected. I don’t know how it looked, but it was manageable today.

How much pain are you in?

Right now? I’m ok. Not bad. The last week I’ve had some good days of recovery. I’ve probably had one big setback day, where I probably tried to push it too much that day. Things have been progressing nicely. I’ve been getting good treatment. I’ve been doing literally everything that there is to do. I’ve been pleased with how it’s been going.

Was Monday that day?

Monday was that day. That was probably in the 17 days, that was probably the worst day. It’s just one of those things where I want to be fair to the team. I want to give everything I got, but at the same time I want to be fair to Seneca. If for some reason, I’m not able to go, he needs to prepare to play. Today was a good start, we’ll see how tomorrow goes.

What were you doing on Monday?

It was a laundry list of things. I really don’t even know what set me off. We were on kind of a smooth schedule. But like I said, I just had a little setback. But its two days later and I feel better.

What were you most concerned about today?

Throwing the football. Last week, I could throw the ball okay. Yesterday was really tough. Monday not possible. It’s just one of things where you gotta be able to throw it and you gotta be able to throw it well. There’s a difference here between a practice throw  and a game throw. There’s difference between p laying catch and a competititve NFL throw. I have to be able to do those things. I think that’s the call of the coaches. I’m going to give them what I got and if on film or in person, it looks like it’s good enough then fine. But if Greg Knapp and Jim Mora said thanks for the effort, but it’s not good enough, then I’m fine with that too.

Considering the sense of urgency of team, does that inspire you to get out there?

I think each guy has to dig deep right now. The team has not started off the way we wanted to, the way we expected to. I think now more than ever, everybody has to do a little bit extra. One of the things that happened earlier this year and again this week, Coach Mora asked each guy to answer the question, ‘What are you willing to sacrifice for this team to have the kind of season we want to have?’ Sometimes it’s more time to come back for an injury, sometimes you have to find a way, even if you don’t know how, you have to find it?

Is it harder to bootleg with the injury?

That’s not really my concern. Bootleg is something I can do. We have a good movement package in this week. I can’t recall if we did any today or not. That’s not really a concern.

Is throwing is the main thing to know personally that you’ll be ready?

Right now it’s just throwing. If I have enough on the ball in a fast twitch, competitive throwing way. Today was a start, but I’m glad we don’t have to play the game today.

Is there any plan for some extra padding or protection?

Well, I was wearing rib pads when I got hurt, so those are going in the trash. I’m going with a new company. It’s down to two. That’s one of the things we’re trying out. Not at practice, but inside the equipment managers have laid out all the options for me.

After how it went today, do you expect to play on Sunday?

I want to be fair to the team. Right now what my job is, is to give the coaching staff and give my teammates everything I got, and at the same time be fair to Seneca, and let the coaching staff based on what the film looks like, if I’m able to make throws and obviously talk to the team doctor and the trainers. I’m just going to do my part and see what happens. It’s early in the week, that’s a good thing.

There was a mention of injections of oxygenated blood on the broadcast, is that one of the methods of treatment you are trying ?

I’m not that smart of a guy, so I might screw a story up with that. You could talk to Dr. Khalfayan. He’s our team doctor. I’m sure Dave (Pearson) would make him available for all medical questions. You could probably Bing the big words you didn’t know. Ed Khalfayan should have a lot of free time now that the Mariners are done. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind doing some interviews.

Do you gauge how you feel first thing in the morning?No it’s a constant thing. Have you ever broken your ribs? I can tell who has by the way they treat me.