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Mora press conference: Injury update

Let's hit the injuries first.

Brandon Frye suffered a neck/shoulder injury in the first half and will be re-evaluated on Monday. Kyle Williams came in and suffered a knee sprain on an extra point play, but played through the pain because Seattle only had five active linemen, with Mansfield Wrotto not available after spraining his ankle.

Seahawks head coach said the team had no contingency plan other than moving tight end John Owens to tackle if another lineman went down.

Safety C.J. Wallace pulled a hamstring, and cornerback Travis Fisher pulled a hamstring or groin.

And WR Nate Burleson suffered a rib injury in the first half, but said he's OK.

"I probably landed on them in the first quarter, knocked the breath out of me," he said. "It was a good thing I was able to finish. It's not bad at all."

After getting a critical win over Jacksonville at home, Mora said he'll have no problem getting his team's attention for next Sunday's game against Arizona next week at Qwest Field.

Mora said he'll have no problem getting his team ready for next Sunday.

Asked if the win serves as turning point of the season, Mora said that only happens if the Seahawk get the job done against Arizona next week.

“It only changes if you validate it,” Mora said. “So our job is to go out and validate this thing. And that’s what we’ve got to set our minds to doing.”

There was a lot of talk about Owen Schmitt smashing his helmet several times against his head before he was introduced, with blood splatting his jersey during pre-game.

Most of the players said it fired them up, including Matt Hasselbeck, although the quarterback had to wipe blood off of his hand after he high-fived Schmitt during pre-game introductions.

Linebacker Lofa Tatupu had the best quote about the incident.

"Gruesome but beautiful at the same time," Tatupu said. "I don't know if that's possible but that got us going. Myself, D.D. Lewis, we were sitting there and we said, 'That's a bad man right there.' I guess that's a guy you want on your side. A man willing to bloody his own face, you know he's willing to put it all on the line."

Mora wasn't exactly pleased with Schmitt's display, with him being the only active fullback on the roster. Mora said Schmitt apologized afterward.

Mora said one of the play that will go overlooked was the team's goal line stand on fourth down up 3-0 early in the contest.

“I think that was a huge play," he said. "We’re up 3-0. We stop them and keep them out of the end zone. They decide not to go for the field goal. That’s really big.”