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Mora press conference: Tatupu might not be done for the season

Head coach Jim Mora opened the press conference by saying that the injury linebacker Lofa Tatupu may not be as bad as first feared, and he may not be done for the season.

"After further review, after further imaging, we're not certain yet that Lofa is done," Mora said.

Mora said that the pectoral muscle and tendons on his left pectoral weren't completely torn from the bone. So they will take another MRI - this time of his right pectoral - and they will compare the two films and make a determination from there. We won't know the results till later this week.

"It was a little premature, but it was based on the evaluation that we did in the locker room with some pretty competent doctor," Mora said.

It's not great news, but perhaps it is better than first thought.

"Right now if it holds true to what I heard today, it would just be rehabbing the muscle, and I don't know how long it would take," Mora said.

I can't imagine it would be any time soon. This is an injury to a major muscle - a muscle that is affected on just about everything a linebacker does in his responsibilities.

The Seahawks will practice Tuesday and Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. and then have the rest of the week off.

As for the rest of the injuries, let's get to them ...

CB Marcus Trufant and LB Leroy Hill will practice this week and they should be ready to play against Dallas.

Obviously, they can't be expected to be in their peak forms. Trufant has not even taken practice snap this year.

"We expect a lot out of Marcus because he's a very good player, but I think there is an aspect of holding true to reality and the reality is that he hasn't taken any snaps in this defense. There is a learning curve. He's a fresh out of rehab. We'll push him as hard as we can. And I'm sure he'll push himself more than we could ever push him. But he's got himself back in the groove, hopefully it happens quick."

As for OTs Walter Jones and Sean Locklear, well that's not quite so simple.

"Walter and Locklear are still in doubt, in limbo for this next game," Mora said. "I can't tell you yet. We are going to start Walter up next week. Sean was walking around without that boot on today, which is a real good sign. Once they get him out of that boot, their progress starts to accelerate. I know he's anxious to to play, and if can he will."

A simple translation is they are hoping to clear Walt for activity next week - and I'm sure that would pretty limited. Locklear, who isn't the fastest healer, might, and I stress might, be ready for the Cowboys, but I wouldn't bet my paycheck on it.

I asked Mora at the end if they can even make any sort of determination on Walt and the rest of the season until he at least steps back out on the practice field.

"I can't, I wish I could, but I can't, I can't," he said.

OL Rob Sims (ankle) will practice. He practiced a little on Friday. Mora said Sims isn't 100 percent, but is getting close.

Patrick Kerney (groin) and Kelly Jennings (ribs and hip) both should be ready to play by Dallas, as neither of their injuries were particularly serious.

One person who came out of the game relatively healthy is QB Matt Hasselbeck, which is surprising since he was knocked around pretty good.

"He got through it okay," Mora said. "He got roughed up a little bit. He's a little sore like would you think. I don't think he's any worse for the wear overall in terms of what was bothering him in the past. I think he's ok, I don't think he's perfect, but then again when are you in this game."