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Afternoon links: A weekend without the Hawks

It's kind of weird not having the Hawks this weekend. I'll be headed up to the UW-Oregon game. But my Sunday hangover won't be the same without the live Seahawks game chat. Perhaps like the Seahawks, I need to heal up, I don't want to be placed on the PUP list with a damaged liver.

Let's get to a few links (I'm working on two other blog posts - one Hawks, one Ms).

Not much going on in Hawks news.

Gregg Bell of the AP has this story on Damion McIntosh. As some of you noted, he is not a small man. And he admitted that he isn't quite in football shape. You think?

Clare Farnsworth also has this story on McIntosh including a pic of the svelte tackle.

The TNT's venerable columnist Dave Boling made his weekly appearance on the Seahawks roundtable on the Mitch in the Morning show.

I was also on with Ian Furness talking a little Hawks amongst other things

Going off some of the comments made on that show, ESPN's Mike Sando offers his thoughts.

ESPN's columnist Jemele Hill has this column on the arrest of Terreal Bierra.

It sounds as though Jim Zorn will make it through this season.

Here's a few links from around the NFC West

The Arizona Cardinals are talking about their lack of injuries. Really? You want to talk about that? Doesn't seem smart to me. One of those guys that is injured, Anquan Boldin, may play this weekend.

Columnist Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post Dispatch discusses the St. Louis Rams' draft possibilities and lists Washington's Jake Locker as the most likely pick.

Are you getting tired of hearing about Michael Crabtree? First it was about him signing, now it's about him playing. Here's a name for you to remember Crabtree -- JJ Stokes.

Yahoo's Jason Cole has this story on Crabtree. Niners QB Alex Smith has called Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford to discuss the injured throwing shoulder and surgeries. Personally, I wouldn't let Alex Smith infect any young QB.