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Thursday practice report: Hasselbeck getting healthy

After being a limited participant in practice on Wednesday, Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck was a full participant on Thursday and said he feels fine for Sunday's game.

Hasselbeck also said the healing process for his rib injury has been slowed by coming back from the injury early, but that he is getting better each week, and hopes to be fully healthy sooner rather than later.

“One of the things when you come back early from an injury when you really shouldn’t probably, you add on some healing time," he said. "You probably add on, create some other nagging things. I think that’s probably the case. But I hope that I can get there.”

Hasselbeck also talked about the roster moves made this week, saying that head coach Jim Mora got the player's attention after the game on Sunday by saying some changes would be made, then following through on his statement this week.

"Those of us who have been around, you know roster moves are going to happen after you start like we started," Hasselbeck said. "He (Mora) had said it plain out, that we were going to make some changes, we’re going to do some evaluating, and they did it.

"His words weren’t hollow. They definitely did it. They backed it up.”

Defensive coordinator Gus Bradley talked about the importance on getting pressure on Detroit Lions rookie quarterback Matthew Stafford. The Lions have given up 24 sacks this season, fourth worst in the league.

“Anytime that you’re facing a guy as young in the league as he’s been in there, you try to get pressure,” Bradley said. “But that’s our goal every week, it doesn’t matter who we play.

“But he makes some good decisions now. I think when he and (Calvin) Johnson are in there together they’re a different team, and you’ve seen that in the games they’ve played together.”

Bradley also talked about his defense doing a better job of getting consistent pressure on the passer, whether it's through blitzing or with four-man pressure up front.

“In the past we have,” Bradley said about the pressure with just four rushers. “But last week we blitzed a little bit more. On third down, we might of brought pressure 12 or 13 times in that situation. So I think it’s just getting a feel for the game, you know, how you’re getting pressure with four or if you need to add another guy.

“Sometimes it depends on the routes you’re seeing. Maybe we match up better with man coverage than we do with zone coverage. So if we’re going to plan, a lot of times we like to bring the extra rusher down there.”

Bradley also said cornerback Marcus Trufant has looked better during practice this week. Trufant played about 36 plays against Dallas, and did not play up to his lofty standards, but Bradley expects that to change this week.

“He’s had a good week this week,” Bradley said. “And that’s what we thought. We’d give him 30 or 40 reps last week, give him a feel for the game. And the big thing is not his ability, it’s his wind. And being out there for seven, eight plays in a row and being able to perform at a high level.”

Trufant is expected to start this week and be on the field in most situations.

Here's the injury report.

WR Ben Obomanu (oblique) did not practice.

Offensive tackle Sean Locklear (ankle) was a limited participant in practice, along with cornerback Ken Lucas (neck). Locklear did not participate in the team drills portion of practice.

S Jordan Babineaux (hip), Hasselbeck (ribs) and LB Will Herring (shoulder) were full participants in practice.

For Detroit, DT Grady Jackson (knee) did not practice.

FB Jerome Felton (ankle), DE Jason Hunter (ankle), WR Calvin Johnson (knee), RB Kevin Smith (shoulder), QB Matthew Stafford (knee) and DE Dewayne White (hamstring) were limited participants in practice.

LB Jordon Dizon (foot) and DT Sammie Hill (ankle) were full participants in practice.