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Mora Monday press conference: RB Jones gets game ball

On the injury front, Seahawks head coach Jim Mora said the team came through the game OK, and by Thursday everyone should be practicing. Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck banged up his shoulder, and Mora said he had to manage his way through the game, hence the awkward throws and lack of deep balls on Sunday.

“He fought his way through it, and it was pretty impressive,” Mora said. “But his shoulder is sore.”

Mora went on to say that Hasselbeck probably will not start on Wednesday, and perhaps limit his throws on Thursday and Friday. Mora did say Hasselbeck will play on Sunday.

Mora said you might see a similar style offensively next week, if the most effective way for the team to move the ball is through the air. He again stressed the need for balance, but ultimately the object is to win the game, and if the team moves the ball better through the air, then that’s what they’ll do.

Game balls went to Julius Jones on offense, David Hawthorne on defense and Lawyer Milloy on special teams. Not Hasselbeck on offense, you say? Mora said Jones did some nice things on film not visible to the naked eye, and continues to improve each week.

“I think there’s been some real improvement in Julius that’s not necessarily evident to the naked eye when you’re watching the game for any of us – coaches on the side, fans in the stands or you guys in the press box,” Mora said. “But when you go back and look at the film you notice some things that he’s doing a lot better, and he’s starting to pick-up the scheme.

“He’s seeing things much better. I think he’s understanding where the cuts going to be much better. I feel like he’s gaining more yards after contact than he was earlier in the year. So those are some of the things that I think he’s doing well. And then his pass protection has improved.”

Mora said they didn’t get Louis Rankin carries in the game because Seattle had to throw and Rankin hasn’t had enough time with the offense to fully pick-up the pass protection schemes, which is typically the final things a running back focuses on schematically.

Mora said picking up a veteran running back is not a priority, so that should quell the Larry Johnson speculation for the time being.

Josh Wilson is the starting corner for right now, with Ken Lucas coming in on nickel situations. But Mora wouldn’t confirm if that will be the plan for this week against Arizona. Lucas had some issues with his neck and ulnar nerve against Detroit, so Mora decided to go with Kelly Jennings in nickel situations.

Mora also said he’s not sure if Sean Locklear will supplant Damion McIntosh at left tackle, and that the offensive coaches will discus what to do up front over the next, two days.

“We like what Damion’s been doing, but we certainly want to get Sean back into the mix,” Mora said. “He’s a good player for us.”

Mora also again talked about going for it on fourth and 1 from his team’s own 38-yard line, saying it was one of the topics of discussion in his regular conversation with his father after the game.

“Really the first thing he said to me was, ‘What were you thinking when you went for it on fourth and 1?,’ which I get from him a lot” Mora said. “And not necessarily in a critical nature, but it was a little critical.

“But I’ve given it a lot of thought. You know, you’re down 14-0. You’re playing at home. Things haven’t been going too well for you. As a matter of fact, they’ve been going poorly for you. And you try not to make knee-jerk reactions. But I’d given that some thought. As that drive was unfolding, I was saying to myself, ‘Maybe I should just go for it here. Should we just say enough is enough and just go for it.’

“And we did. I made that decision. And I was hoping that we’d make it, and we’d go in to score a touchdown and it’d be one of those defining moments, and it wasn’t. Fortunately we held them to a field goal and we were able to respond.

“But it wasn’t a gutsy call. It didn’t show a lot of guts or courage. I just felt like ‘Okay. Stop. Let’s go. Let’s fight.’ I felt like I had to do that. And it didn’t work, but we won, thank goodness.”