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Q13 FOX: Burleson predicts win over Cardinals

Q13Fox sports anchor Aaron Levine passed along this video of an appearance by Seattle Seahawks receiver Nate Burleson on Q It Up Sports. Burleson gets this week's upcoming game against Arizona off with some minor fireworks by predicting a Seahawks win over Arizona on Sunday.

Here's the excerpt.

“I don’t want to give anybody bulletin board material, but I do believe it was Herman Edwards: We play to win the game. Period. So, we’re going on the road to play a football game, and we’re gonna win. I don’t care what you say. People can print in the paper, they can send it to the team’s we’re playing. But they know just like we know, we’re going to win the game. I’m not taking away anything from the team’s we’re going to play on the road the next few weeks, but we’re gonna get on the plane with the mindset that we’re going to win, and we need to win.”

You can check it out below.