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Mora press conference: Cardinals ahead of us

As you can imagine, Seattle players were understandably frustrated and upset by the 31-20 loss against the Arizona Cardinals. The Seahawks felt that they were finally healthy and ready to challenge again for the NFC West crown, but the Cardinals proved for the second straight season that they are the better team.

Arizona swept the season series for a second straight year, and now has won six of the last seven against Seattle. The Seahawks have not won in Arizona since a 33-19 victory on Nov. 6, 2005, and are 0-4 in University of Phoenix Stadium

Mora admitted the Cardinals are the better team right now.

“The bottom is the team we played today is ahead of us,” Mora said about the Cardinals. “They’ve one five of the last six times we’ve played (actually six of the last seven). But we’ve got to try and continue to get better. And that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Even though the Seahawks are 3-6 on the season and now three games back of the Cardinals (6-3), and essentially four games back with seven to play because Arizona owns the tiebreaker, Mora said the team is not giving up on its goals, which included getting back to the playoffs

“We’re not counting ourselves out of anything at this point,” Mora said. “We’re not readjusting our goals, other than the fact that we’ve got to continue to try and get better.

“I see growth on this football team. And I thought coming into this year that we would see growth, once we got some continuity. And now we’ve had some continuity and I think it showed up today offensively. We were able to move the ball against a very good defense.”

Regarding injuries, running back Julius Jones has a broken rib. He’s in a Phoenix-area hospital and will in Arizona through the night as precaution.

“There’s an issue there, but he’s not in any danger, but we’re going to play it safe” Mora said.

Mora said other than the Jones’ injury, there were no other injuries to report. Center Chris Spencer snapped with his left hand against Arizona because of an injured thumb on his right hand, which his usually snaps with. So that could have been an issue with some of the shaky snaps to Hasselbeck. Some tidbits:

* The Seahawks led offensively in total yards (472-462), rushing yards (164-122) and third down percentage (40 percent to 17 percent).

* Seattle lost this game because of turnovers (two Matt Hasselbeck interceptions at the end of the game) and not converting in the red zone (Seattle was 1-of-4 and Arizona was 3-of-5).

* Justin Forsett was impressive playing in place of an injured Julius Jones, finishing with 123 yards on 17 carries for 7.2 yards per carry. It was Forsett’s first 100-yard rushing performance in a regular season as a Seahawk.

“It was impressive what just Justin did, but that’s what we’ve got to expect out of him,” Mora said. “He’s a good little player. He’s got a big heart, and he’ll give you everything he’s got every time he’s in there.”

*Seattle finished with no sacks, and part of that was due to the team’s strategy not to pressure Warner and drop guys into coverage instead. Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner talked about that during his conversation with the media.

“I think they just took the approach that, “We’re not going to let them get the ball out quick and make those kinds of plays, we’re going to make them work for things and we’re going to drop an extra guy in the box,’” Warner said. “A lot of times they were rushing three and dropping eight guys and trying to make it hard on us from that perspective.

“So that was something that was different and something that was different to me from a Coach Mora team. He likes to change it up and he like to bring a variety of pressures and that’s one thing we didn’t see today.”

*Patrick Kerney, Cory Redding and Lawrence Jackson combined for one tackle and one quarterback hurry. John Carlson and Matt Hasselbeck combined for one more tackle than those three.

* Nate Burleson, who made the luke-warm guarantee that Seattle would beat Arizona earlier in the week, was targeted five times and finished with no catches on the day.

* T.J. Houshmandzadeh had another solid day, finishing with a game-high nine catches for 165 yards, including a long of 53 yards.