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Guess who's announcing Sunday's game? Drink up, friends


You knew it was going to happen. The game announcers for Sunday's game will be Dick Stockton and Charles Davis. I think this has to be the sixth or seventh time the Hawks have had Fox's fifth-string announcing tandem do their game.

It wasn't so long ago I would see Joe Buck and his gargantuan cranium in the press box sprinting to use the rest room.

Or seeing Troy Aikman wandering about, perhaps still concussed from his last game.

Heck, the Hawks had Monday Night football games quite often and you would see the rotund Mike Tirico and at the time Joe Theismann and his hair helmet and the host of PTI and my favorite radio show -- Tony Kornheiser.

Now it's a guy who's best years came when Magic Johnson was hitting James Worthy on the break, or Larry Bird being, well, Larry Legend.

Anyway, if Stockton is announcing you know that that means ...

The Olindo Mare Drinking Game!!

Yes, it's rapidly becoming the biggest game for the  imbibement of alcohol since the invention of that magical maker of keg beer hangovers .... .

beer pong

For those of you wondering what the hell I'm talking about, it's something that some of the guys came up with during the game chats, stemming from the frustration of Stockton continually pronouncing Mare's name wrong.

Somebody once suggested that people watching should try and take a drink from their preferred beverage (alcoholic or nonalcoholic) every time Stockton said it wrong. And from there it's grown to a list of rules, regulations and possible t-shirts.  Heck it's even on Mare's wikipedia page. The last time I heard of such a game for announcers was the infamous Brent Musberger Drinking Game.

Stockton's pronunciation is  Mar-RAY or even worse Muh-RAY. And every time he says its like nails on a chalk board for the blog readers. Most people pronounce it MAR-ay. That's the way we've always heard it.

Eric finally asked Olindo, who said it's  MAH-day.... using a little accent (we're hoping to have audio soon).

So apparently like Stockton, we've also been wrong. But there's a difference, we're not broadcasting games for Fox.

So until it changes, the game lingers on. Remember this all in fun. And in no way am I condoning excessive drinking for anyone other than myself. We're all adults on here, and in a season where some of the joy has been taken away, it's good to know that most of you haven't lost your sense of humors. Still, again I offer caution and no recommendation to participate, lest you one day end up here ...

Here's some of the basic rules of the game ... Feel free to add your ideas and possible rules.

Stockton mispronunciation = Drink one and repeat the mispronunciation before doing it.

Mare extra point = drink one

Mare touchback = drink two

Mare makes tackle on kickoff = drink one and then bang your fist against your chest

Mare field goal under 45 yards = drink 3

Mare field goal over 50 yards = drink 4

Mare missed FG =  Glare like Jim Mora Jr., say the following: “Not acceptable. Absolutely not acceptable."

Mare game winning field goal = pour your beverage over your head in celebration