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Vikings 35, Seahawks 9 -- postgame reader reaction thread

Well, I don't know that many people had too high of expectations going into this game. I know I didn't.

But still, I managed to be disappointed even with the low expectations. Yes, the Vikings are an extremely good team, probably the best in the NFC, but Seattle just didn't play very well. That was the frustrating thing.

With the exception of David Hawthorne, and possibly Justin Forsett, I didn't see many other positives.

If I had to make the Windows 7 recap for this game --- awful, terrible, craptastic, sucktastic, unentertaining, uninspired, putrid.

To be honest, I wouldn't bet my house on the Hawks beating either Tampa or St. Louis if they had a similar peformance - games we figured as sure wins a few weeks back.

But enough from me, go ahead and vent.