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Holmgren on KJR: He's interested in vacant Hawks GM position

Count Mike Holmgren as being interested in the Seahawks' GM job.

The former Seahawks head coach made his weekly appearance on KJR-AM with Dave “Softy” Mahler and Hugh Millen and said he would be interested if the Seahawks wanted to talk to him about the vacancy.

Holmgren was asked to address the recent departure of Tim Ruskell, and to weigh his interest in the now-vacant position.

Holmgren joined the show from a studio in Phoenix, where he and his wife Kathy are staying in their home in Arizona.

“Absolutely I would like to talk to them,” he said. “I think I've made it pretty clear that I would like to go back to work after this season. I didn't know where. This is a little bit of a surprising development in Seattle.

"But then that is an opening. But I’ve also said this -- the people on the team have to want you. The situation has to be right, the opening has to be right. And so that's why I've tried to just keep an open mind and not get too emotional about it.”

Holmgren said that although he has interest in the opening in Seattle, he also wants to keep his options open. And he does not want to be a ceremonial hiring; he wants to make sure that he has enough input in making decisions that help move an organization in the direction he wants to see them go.

“It kind of boils down to how owner and how the organization wants to set it up,” Holmgren said. “And that’s what I’m going to be listening to. I don’t have to make every decision in the world, but I absolutely have a vision and have an idea on how an organization should be built, and I wouldn't have much fun doing it any other way. So think I'd have to assured that I'd have a fair amount of input in the major decisions.”

As far as Seahawks head coach Jim Mora and his future with the team, Holmgren said he believes it would be unfair to let someone go after just one season.

“Having one year under your belt and not being able to continue on is kind of unfair,” he said. “Now as an management person, when you come into an organization you might have to make a very difficult decision that way if, in your opinion, you think it’s absolutely going in the wrong direction, but those situations are few and far between.”

Holmgren admitted he made a poor decision in drafting Jerremy Stevens, in that he stretched for a need of the team at the time for a tight end, and perhaps lessened the value on the character issue. Holmgren said that’s an example of a mistake he learned from as a general manager.

As far as Seattle’s needs, Holmgren said the offensive line needs to be addressed, along with the Seahawks needing to get bigger at different positions.

Holmgren said the Seahawks also need to look at considering drafting a quarterback of the future to begin to groom to replace Matt Hasselbeck.

And he said he doesn’t mind going through the hiring process – to a point.

“IIf Mr. Allen and the Seahawks want to go through a process that's what will happen, because he's the owner of the football team and that's what he wants to do," Holmgren said. "If I'm part of that process, I trust that I have been thoroughly vetted so far already for 10 years,” Holmgren said. “But I’ll go through whatever is necessary to go through, as long as it makes some sense.”

You can listen to the entire interview in this audio link.