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Morning links: The importance of Hasselbeck

Our own Dave Boling of the TNT writes today about how vital quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is to the Seattle Seahawks, pointing to a two-game stretch of games where his presence may have affected his team’s positioning in the NFC West standings.


They were down only 13-10 at halftime, but with backup Seneca Wallace at quarterback in place of Hasselbeck, the Hawks generated nothing offensively and were outscored 10-0 in the second half.

The next week, again with Wallace in place of Hasselbeck, the Hawks lost a home game against Chicago, 25-19. They picked up 346 yards of offense, so there were other factors involved, granted. But, again, with Hasselbeck in there, this game looked imminently more “winnable.”

Every team can do some degree of retrospective revision, but let’s just go with it today.

Win those two games with a healthy Hasselbeck and the Hawks are 7-5 right now instead of 5-7. Would president Tim Ruskell have been fired? How differently would the final four games of the season have felt while the team remained in contention?

The hypothetical situation is timely as it illustrates a fact that has been fairly obvious around the Seahawks for a number of years: The value of Matt Hasselbeck is hard to overstate.

Seahawks head coach Jim Mora has often stated his affinity for Hasselbeck and the fact he believes that the 34-year-old quarterback can play at a high level for a couple more years.

Hasselbeck is signed through the 2010 season and becomes a free agent in 2011. One of the many important decisions Seattle’s new president/general manager will have to make is what the future for the franchise will be with Hasselbeck, and whether or not to draft a quarterback of the future with one of the team’s two, first-round picks.

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