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Texans 34, Seahawks 7 -- Reader reaction thread


Wow, that was pretty terrible on every level. The Hawks started off terribly and it only go marginally better as the game went on.

Here's a sequence of photos that best sums up the game.

The Texans opened with the long touchdown pass to Andre Johnson and really continued to roll offensively. It was their own mistakes that caused them to bog down offensively on most occasions.

Houston finished with 450 yards of total offense. Matt Schaub threw for 365 yards and 2 TDs, Johnson had 11 catches for 193 yards and two TDs.

Seattle was not particularly great offensively. Matt Hasselbeck was actually sacked on a step drop pass, which is unforgivable, and his aching shoulder was hurt on the play. Seneca Wallace was less than inspiring in his few snaps at QB. It's time to scrap the Senecat - permanently.

Oh and TJ Housmandzadeh and Aaron Curry also suffered injuries. Curry's looks serious.

What are your thoughts?

Are there any excuses for this type of performance?

Jim Mora is all about finding positives, but can he honestly find any from this loss?

Is this the low point of the last three seasons?

Sound off, vent, let your anger, your vitriol or if you want to go the other way give some of the other readers a reason to hope.