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Create a caption for THESE photos

Just because I've been busy tracking down crazy three-way trades in baseball, doesn't mean I've forgotten about you or our weekly game of witty, snarky and funny caption writing for photos. Unfortunately, I had to use photos from Sunday's mind-numbing, hope-draining loss to the Texans.  But here's a series of photos that are all sort of related - a chain reaction if you will, so get creative ...


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Getty Images



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AP photo



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AP photo


  1. Matt Hasselbeck: "It's bad enough my line isn't protecting now this guy is trying kick me in the groin."
  2. Max Unger silently shakes his head and wonders how the guy on his left is playing center instead of him.
  3. Jim Mora reacts to yet another successful try of the Senecat.


  1. After being tossed to the ground, Matt Hasselbeck is left wondering, "Did I really just  get sacked on a one-step drop.
  2. One of us is going to be back next year, I think we all know that is.
  3. Jim Mora reacts to Eric Williams' latest wardrobe decision - a Christmas sweater vest.