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Holmgren declines offer to join Seahawks

The Seahawks just released this statement earlier this evening, announcing that the team had met with Mike Holmgren over the weekend, but that he declined to join the team under the guidelines of the offer they set forth. Here's the full statement, and of course I'll have more follow up later.

I think this means that Holmgren likely will take Cleveland's offer.

RENTON, WASH. - The Seattle Seahawks announced today that discussions took place over the weekend with Mike Holmgren regarding a senior leadership position.

“Two weeks ago we announced we would use the balance of the season to conduct an audit of our football team,” said Seahawks CEO Tod Leiweke. “We believe our work will ultimately lead us to both an effective structure and leadership for the Seahawks.”

“While that process is ongoing, we also were aware of Mike Holmgren’s recent interview and associated time pressures and met with Mike over the weekend. After a series of respectful discussions, Mike has declined our offer to rejoin the team given the structure we proposed,” said Leiweke. “We hold Mike in high regard and wish the Holmgren family the very best with their new horizons.”

“I sincerely thank Paul Allen and Tod for all their support over the years” said Holmgren. “I thank them for reaching out to me and we conclude these discussions as friends.”