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Mora press conference: ‘This is all new to me’

So is this the worst loss ever at home in Seattle Seahawks history?

I thumbed through the media guide looking for other culprits, but really couldn’t find any this bad.

In 1995, the Seahawks lost the N.Y. Jets at home 16-10 on Nov. 26. The Jets finished 3-13 that year and Seattle finished 8-8 and out of the playoffs. The Jets were 2-9 heading into the game.

In 1980, the Seahawks lost to the N.Y. Giants on Dec. 7 at home, 27-21. The Giants finished 4-12 on the year, while Seattle finished 4-12. The Giants were 3-10 heading into that game.

UPDATE: Here's one I missed courtesy of STATS Inc.

It’s the first time Seattle has lost to a one-win team since the team’s inaugural season in 1976, when Seattle to the N.Y. Giants in the Meadowlands 28-16 on Nov. 28. The Giants were 1-10 heading into that contest, and finished 3-11 that season. Seattle finished 2-12.

Seahawks head coach Jim Mora was somewhat subdued, but I don’t know if I can really blame him. I mean what more can you say when you’re team comes out and plays like that after going to Houston and playing the way they did.

“I’ve never been 5-9,” he said. “This is all new to me. I’m trying to fight my way through it just like everybody else. Keep coaching hard, that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Mora also reiterated that Seattle was a four-win team last year, and had the extra motivation of trying to double that total coming into today’s game.

“Let’s not lose track of that folks. We were a 4-win team lat year,” he said. “So we’re going, ‘Hey, we can double up our wins, we can be 5-2 at home, with a chance to be 6-2 at home.’ So it’s really disappointing when that doesn’t happen.”

As predicted, Matt Hasselbeck took the blame for one of his worst performances as a pro. He finished 27 of 46 for 256 yards, one touchdown and four interceptions. He also had a fumble, and finished with a 45.2 passer rating.

“That’s just one of the disappointing things about today,” Hasselbeck said. “One of my responsibilities is to protect the football, and clearly that wasn’t’ the case today.”

Asked about losing to a one-win team, Hasselbeck said: “I’m speechless about that. It’s not something that I ever thought would happen.”

Three of those interceptions were directed toward receiver Deion Branch, who did not talk to reporters after the game. Branch was targeted 10 times, and finished with four catches for 28 yards.

When asked about Branch’s performance, Mora said he would reserve judgment until after he watched the film.

“I am not trying to shun the question,” he said. “It’s just hard to tell. You see things during a game, and your eyes are so many places, and you go back and look at the film and really analyze it. It will be easier for me to give you an accurate answer tomorrow.”

T.J. Houshmandzadeh, who finished with seven catches for 73 yards, was asked how he thought folks around the league would view his team after they learn Seattle lost to Tampa Bay, and had this to say.

“We suck,” Housh said. “I mean I’m sure that’s what they’ll say. But it is what it is. You can’t change it.”

As far as injuries, long snapper Kevin Houser has a shoulder injury and is at the hospital. Linebacker Aaron Curry has a shoulder injury, which prevented him from getting off a block on the Carnell Williams’ 22-yard touchdown on a screen pass. Julius Jones hurt his ribs but continued to play. And Ben Obomau pulled his hamstring. We’ll get updates on Monday.

Mora said cornerback Kelly Jennings is the team’s backup long snapper. Jennings said he was a long snapper in high school.

“You know, he’s 172 pounds dripping wet,” Mora said. “Not your prototypical long snapper in the National Football League. God forbid we would have had to try a field goal.”

Other tidbits

* Hasselbeck’s only other 4 interception game came against at Arizona on Oct. 24. He had a 18.9 passer rating that day, and Seattle lost 25-17.

* Seattle had 104 yards of total offense in the second half, compared to 263 for Tampa Bay.

* The Seahawks had just 25 total yards in the third quarter.

* The Seahawks struggling in containing talented Tampa Bay tight end Kellen Winslow, who finished with six receptions for 93 yards.

* The Seahawks finished without a sack for a second straight game.

* Josh Freeman came in with eight interceptions in his last two games, but finished 16 of 26 for 205 yards, two touchdowns and one lone interception to Deon Grant.

* The Seahawks were effective running the ball, finishing with 128 yards on 25 carries for a 5.1 yards-per-carry average. Julius Jones had 65 yards on 12 carries, and Justin Forsett had 55 yards on nine carries.