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It's official: Holmgren goes to the Browns

Eric is en route to Tacoma from the VMAC, so I thought I'd post the link that Mike Holmgren has indeed taken the job with Cleveland Browns.

I know people have had their opinions, so go ahead and post them again.

Dave Boling offered his in today's paper.

Despite the effort, the Seahawks are the ones facing the pressure now.

Holmgren will find work and get a nice salary for it.

But if the Seahawks don’t find somebody to get busy turning this franchise around, the ghost of Mike Holmgren could turn into a haunting specter.Steve Kelley of the Seattle Times also did the same, and even talked with Holmgren.

But no matter who offered what during this weekend's negotiations (the Seahawks did not respond to Holmgren's claims), football is a bottom-line business and the bottom line of this story is that the Seahawks lost Mike Holmgren.

He wanted the job and they blew it. No matter how they spin it, they didn't get Holmgren and it could be years before they recover from this blunder.

Holmgren, 61, wanted to finish his football career in Seattle and even after they decided they wanted him, the Hawks let him walk.Did the Seahawks mess up?

Is this move ultimately better for Holmgren?

Where does Seattle go next?

I guess this guy's Christmas wish went unanswered.