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Locker clean out day: Housh has thoughts, Big Walt makes an appearance

Greetings from the I-405. Eric and I left the VMAC right after the locker clean-up to get a head start getting back to Tacoma. With the weather, we were trying to avoid traffic issues.

We talked to quite a few players between the two of us. And we'll try to provide some more detailed stuff from those conversations. For now, I'll try and give you some bullet points from it.

As usual WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh was entertaining and talkative. He talked for at least 15 minutes and was critical of his himself.  He also wondered how an offense can actually regress, instead of improve. And when asked about the future, possible changes and whether the offensive system could ever work, he simply said. "I have thoughts."

When pressed, he responded, "I don't know. I have thoughts."

If you recall, QB Matt Hasselbeck said yesterday after the game about what went wrong, "I don't know. I have thoughts."

Neither Hass or Housh would expound on those thoughts. Any guess what those thoughts might be?

Hass said he really is looking forward to the offseason, not to rest, but to get back into the weight room and try to build strength after a rough season in which he took a physical pounding. He also to plan the offseason throwing to Housh and John Carlson daily.  He didn't mention Deion Branch.

Speaking of Mr. Branch, he re-iterated his desire to stay with the team. When asked if he expected to be back, he said, "I expect to return, but that doesn't mean it will happen."

OT Walter Jones made an appearance and spoke to the media for the first time in months. He said he feels better and he's trying to get back to the old player he was. As for his return, he said that the decision will be made by the organization if they want to have him back, and it would be made in a few months.

LB Lofa Tatupu was also optimistic in his recovery from a torn pec. He hopes and plans to be ready for the offseason lifting program starts in mid-March.

WR Nate Burleson is a free agent in this season, but he wants to stay with the team. He said there has been contract talks most of the  season, and he expects to retire a Seahawk.

RB Julius Jones also said that he wants to be back. He felt that he and Justin Forsett made a good combination at the end of the year. He felt that there was some progress toward a consistent run game was being made and that it was a shame it took so long.

LG Rob Sims was very honest about the uncertainty of his future. He would like to stay with the  Seahawks, but he knows it's a matter of the Seahawks also wanting him back.

C/G Chris Spencer said he'd like to come back, but he believes that he's a center in this league. Spencer may believe that, but it doesn't appear that the Seahawks do.

S Deon Grant said he needs offseason surgery on his wrist and will get it done this week. He hopes to return. He still has two years left on his contract.